Bike Repair for Triathletes

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Bike Repair for Triathletes

TriSports Introduces Patented Hybrid Shave Technology

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Tucson, AZ  (April, 1, 2012):, the world’s premiere triathlon store, announces its patented new leg shaving technology known as Hybrid Shave Technology.  After 2-years of research and development using wind tunnel, CFD and real world data, the engineers at have released their findings.  Seton Claggett, who earned his Master’s in Hydrology from the College of Engineering at the University of Arizona, says “we have been using this proprietary shave method with our athletes for years but as we have grown as a company we know that for the betterment of the sport and in light of great customer service that we should reveal our research to the world.”

TriSports Hybrid Shave Technology ResultsThe final results comparing 1) Hairy leading edge, 2) Fully shaved leg, 3)’s Patented Hybrid Shave Technology

The Hybrid Shave Technology uses a scientific approach to removing leg hair on cyclists and triathletes to improve aerodynamics and speed.  “The experiment,” says Tom Demerly, one of the chief investigators on the project, “was performed over many conditions and using many different shave patterns and what we found was that using basic aerodynamic principals of laminar boundary conditions coupled with muscle formation resulted in the ideal real-world power conversion on the bike.”

The partial differential equations for the continuity and Navier–Stokes for a two-dimensional steady incompressible flow with Cartesian coordinates.

The final testing came down to analyzing the real world results of 1) Hairy Leading Edge Legs, 2) Full Shaved Legs, and 3) Short Stubble Leading Edge Legs (the Hybrid Shave Technology).  Full hairy legs performed exponentially worse than the three chosen tests.  The results are shown in the diagram above.  “It was amazing how superior the performance was using the Hybrid Shave Technology”, said Claggett, “the power savings were staggering. It is amazing how basic aerodynamic principles such as using the Navier-Stokes equation and Reynolds numbers  to estimate the boundary layer conditions of a hairy legs work in wind tunnel and real world testing.”

The results have shown an actual average power savings of 10 Watts over distances greater than 30k (compared to a full hairy leg and almost 6 Watts over a fully shaved leg).  Over a 112 mile relatively flat course with little wind the TriSports Hybrid Shave Technology will save you about 6 minutes.  “6 minutes”, says Claggett who used the Hybrid Shave Technology at the 2011 Ironman Arizona, “is a ton of free time, especially if you are trying to get to the finish line as fast as possible.”  Claggett consequently won his age-group by a mere 45 seconds.  “You can spend hundreds of dollars on an aero helmet, thousands of dollars on aero wheels and an aero bike, or you can use the TriSports Hybrid Shave Technology and get the same benefits – do everything and you are all-in.”

A video showing actual footage of the TriSports Hybrid Shave Technology

A full hairy legThe aerodynamics of a full hairy leg are so bad that we did not use this model in our final testing.

Careful muscle measurementCareful muscle measurement ensures proper shave pattern.

Marker Muscle MeasurementPrecise marking during the measurement process.

Clippers for the thick hairClippers are used to remove the Sasquatch hair.

Final Clipper ShaveFinal clipper shave.

Using the razor to clean up the hair.Using a new blade to clean up the remaining stubble on the back of the leg.

Hybrid Hariy LegThe final hairy leading edge leg.

Hybrid lLeg ShaveShaving down to the stubble for the Hybrid Shave Technology.

Final Hybrid Shave Technology LegThe final version of the Hybrid Shave Technology.

Conclusion: Hold off as long as you can during the season to get the training benefit of hairy legs and then shave them just before your “A” race. The results of the TirSports Hybrid Shave Technology speak for themselves, so when you do shave, use this method if you want to optimize aerodynamics.

For the love of Saucony

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There aren’t many products that I gush about, but I have found myself more than once in the past few months on the sales floor gushing to a customer about the Saucony Kinvara. I had been a long time Mizuno Wave Rider wearer, but after my last 70.3, the first thing I did was take off my shoes. My heels were once again blistered, my feet ached, my shoes were soaking wet and seemed 5 pounds heavier. It was time to find a new pair of running shoes.

The TriSports Shoe Wall

I headed to the TriSports shoe wall and consulted with one of our expert shoe fitters. I wanted a light weight shoe with good drainage, enough cushion to run an Ironman marathon, and a lower heel-to-toe drop (around 4-6mm). I tried on the Brooks T7, the K-Swiss Blade Light, and the Saucony Kinvara. Right away the Saucony’s were noticeably different. The shoe’s upper was soft and flexible, free of unnecessary decorations, and allowed for good ventilation. The heel cup was also very pliable and securely wrapped around my narrow heel. With 4 mm of drop between the heel and toe it was the perfect shoe for transitioning to a more minimalist style of shoe.

Saucony Kinvara

Fast forward 5 months and I still love my Kinvaras. I am well over the “300 mile limit” and the shoes still feel like they did when they came out of the box.  If you are in the market for a light weight trainer/racer with a low profile, try out the Saucony Kinvaras, and if you need a stability shoe, try the Fastwitch. Happy running!

Learn more about Saucony shoes at TriSports University!

The Joy of the Quintana Roo Illicito Triathlon Frameset

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What is joy?  Merriam-Webster defines joy as “the expression or exhibition of such emotion” and “a state of happiness” – perfect emotional descriptions of the new Quintana Roo Illicito Triathlon Frameset. Triathletes will be riding for joy once they experience the QR Illicito.

Quintana Roo 2012 Illicito

Quintana Roo has always been a leader in the design of tri bikes and the Illicito takes their proven shift technology – when riding a surge of air is created from behind the front wheel and the unprecedented aerodynamics of the CDO.01 frame style enables suction to draw the wind off to the ‘clean’ side (non-drive side) of the bike – and ups the ante by removing the left seat stay and creating an even more ‘clean’ side.  QR constructed a Leading Edge Absent (LEA) surface on the non drive chain-stay which results in a ‘sail’ effect.  This ‘sail’ effect creates less resistance and makes for a sleeker and faster frame. president Seton Claggett clocks the fastest bike split at the 2011 Tinfoilman Triathlon in Tucson, AZ.

The Illicito offers more high modulus carbon fiber than any previous QR frame.  A newly redesign rear brake improves braking performance plus offers increased clearance for the latest generation of wider race wheels.

The QR Illicito comes with a fork, headset, seat post and brakes.

Illicito:’s definition of joy!

TYR Freak of Nature

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Introducing the new TYR Freak of Nature

The Hurricane Freak of Nature is made of 100% Yamamoto 40 Cell Neoprene. 7x Static Stretch: Defying comparison to any other wetsuit material, 40 Cell Nano SCS Yamamoto stretches to over 7x its static state.

ROM Zones: The gold bands on the back and shoulders of the Hurricane Freak of Nature delineate the expanded Range-of-Motion zones, calculated, calibrated, and repeatedly revised until we reached the absolute limit of positive range of motion.

V-GCP: The Hurricane Freak of Nature is armed with our new V-GCP (V-Shaped Graded Force Catch Panel), which flattens the forearm for the most advantageous engagement, maximizing your effort.

7x Static Stretch: Defying comparison to any other wetsuit material, 40 Cell Nano SCS Yamamoto stretches to over 7x its static state.

Elevation Panels: The Elevation Panels on the Hurricane Freak of Nature are a game-changer. They instantly help the athlete establish perfect body position relative to the surface of the water.

Speed Wrap Paneling: Deploys the lightest Yamamoto Nano SCS coated 5mm neoprene panels throughout the entire leg, chest and core to raise the swimmer in the water to reduce form drag. Extraordinarily buoyant Nano SCS coated rubber confers an exceptional friction coefficient of 0.026 – far lower than any other wetsuit rubber.

360 Degree Core Stabilization: Five precision-targeted performance muscle groups, oriented to sustain core strength for long swims.

The specific gravity of the Hurricane Freak of Nature is a staggering 0.17 (over 5x lighter than the specific gravity of the average human - .974).

Stay tuned to TriSports University for an in depth review!

TYR Orion Triathlon Goggle

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The TYR Orion Triathlon Goggle is specifically designed for triathletes and open water swimmers.   Triathletes are always searching for gear that will help improve their times and the new TYR Orion will do just that!

The lenses are larger and distortion free which allow for a better field of view and the dark tint will help with sunny days and glare.  The gasket is soft and very comfortable to wear.

Pick up your TYR Orion Triathlon Goggles today!

PowerTap G3 Enve Carbon Wheelset

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The new PowerTap G3 Enve Carbon Wheelset is perfect for triathletes who want to bring their training to a whole new level.   The exclusive PowerTap Enve Composite hand built wheels provides strength and speed and utilizes a patented spoke hole molding which allows tension to be maximized while avoiding weaknesses caused by drilling.

At the center of the rear Enve Carbon wheel is the all new PowerTap Gs Powermeter hub.  This is one of the lightest power meters available and features the highest grade bearings for the price.  Featuring a smaller overall hub profile with wider flanges provide for a stiffer wheel.  ANT + compatible and weighs a scantly 325grams.

The all new PowerTap G3 Enve Carbon Wheelset is now available at

Chain Maintenance

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Chain Maintenance

NiteRider 2012 Lineup

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NiteRider’s 2012 lineup continues to push the envelope for technical bicycle lighting systems for triathletes and cyclists.  From the night blasting front lights like the MiNewt Pro 750 to the Cherry Bomb rear light, NiteRider sets the standard for technical bicycling lighting.

The all new MiNewt 600 Cordless is compact and produces 600 lumens with a full hour and a half run time at max lumens or up to 10 hours in the new ‘Walk’ mode!

MiNewt 600

The MiNewt 350 Cordless replaces the previous year models with an additional 100 lumens and reduces the price tag by twenty bucks!

Need more compactness and power?  NiteRider redesigned MiNewt Pro 750 is the first compact LED lighting system to produce 750 lumens of night piercing light.  Featuring a completely redesigned headlamp, the Pro 750 comes in at 230g and has all the controls on the headlamp instead of on the battery.

MiNewt Pro 750

New Product Friday: On Running Shoes

September 23, 2011 on 11:13 am | In Announcements, Product Information, Tech Tips | No Comments now sells On Running Shoes! Triathletes and runners who are seeking a light weight, neutral high mileage training or racing shoes now have On Running and their Cloudtech 3D Cushioning System.

On Running Shoes

On Running shoes have 13 Cloudtech 3D cushions on the bottom of the shoe to absorb both vertical and horizontal forces and helps to transfer heavy impact into a light and natural motion. On Running Shoes have been proven to lower heart rate by 2 beats per minute and reduce lactic acid on average of 5.4%!

Cloudtech 3D Cushioning System

The On Running Cloudrunner shoe is a neutral high mileage trainer that weighs in at 11.11 oz. The On Running Cloudsurfer is a neutral light weight training/racing shoe that weights 10.4 oz. The Cloudsurfer is available in both men’s and women’s models.

Check out TriSports University for an in-depth review!

The Story from On running on Vimeo.

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