Spotlight on the Asphalt Green Triathlon Club

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2 weeks ago 4 members of the crew were lucky enough to make the trek to New York City to meet our newest sponsored club. The Asphalt Green Triathlon Club is the largest club in NYC and they graciously hosted myself, Seton, Sarah, and Matt for a kick-off weekend with the members. We arrived Thursday evening, just barely thanks to the lovely airline delays, and went over to check out the club on Friday morning (more about the physical club space later). After that the four of us checked out some local bike shops, including Signature Cycles…which is THE place to be fit in NYC. This day of wandering was followed by a family style dinner with the AGTC steering committee and some of their sponsored athltes who are a wonderfully friendly and fun group!

Saturday morning was the big kick-off day. Three group rides were planned, each led by AG sponsored athletes, who did a great job not getting us Tucson folk killed on the way out of the city. 🙂  What as shock….beautiful riding all around and I actually had a blast weaving in and out of traffic (though the bridge was a bit intimidating on the way out). Sarah, Leslie ( Sponsored Athlte), and I went on the intermediate ride which was led by Pete and Paul and we wound our way through the lusciously green countryside to the town of Nyack, NY. The turnaround point was a quaint coffee shop, jam packed with cyclists…we did not partake in the food, because according to Paul, “this is not a muffin ride!”.

Once we arrived back at the Asphalt Green Club, the steering committee had a scrumptious lunch set out in the courtyard. Lunch was followed by two clinics presented by employees. Sarah and I did a Race day prep/gear clinic for the club members who were newer to the triathlon scene. I must say, the future of the AGTC is in good hands judging by the interest level and astute questions of these members. Seton and Matt then presented a ‘Training with Power’ clinic which was well attended by more than 30 members and coaches. The day wrapped up with a wetsuit fitting graciously supplied by Zoot, Blue Seventy, and Nineteen wetsuits. What was most impressive about this fitting is that one man managed to try on five different wetsuits….that is hard work! Overall, it was a very memorable event and all the staff was impressed with the level of organization and participation demonstrated by the AGTC, not to mention how incredibly friendly everyone was throughout the long day. If you live in NYC and want to train hard with a great group of athletes and friends then the AGTC is where you should be!

Team Shines at Season Openers!

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The triathlon season is officially in full swing and this year’s sponsored team is already making waves at some of the early season races! While there have been many great results turned in this season a few deserve special mention. Steve Edstein, one of our sponsored athletes from down under, qualified for Kona by breaking the 10 hr barrier at IM New Zealand! Ian Mikelson, a first year sponsored athlete, had a great race at California 70.3, winning his super competitive men’s 25-29 age group. Maybe the most impressive race that I have seen this season belongs to Chris Morgeson at the Wildflower Long Course Tri! Chris placed 9th overall cruising in at 4:30:18. What is really impressive about Chris’s finish is that he broke the course record for 40-44 males by over 6 minutes! Wow! Finally, I would be remiss not to mention Andy Potts’ incredible week, winning St. Anthony’s and Wildflower less than one week apart. Not a bad way to kick off the season for all our athletes. 

Mary Bradbury starting St. Anthonys

Mary Bradbury starting St. Anthony's

These are just a few of the awesome results Team has turned in this year! Keep an eye on the sponsorship website to see individually updated results at the beginning of each month. Good luck to all, we are looking forward to a wonderful 2009 season! Athletes: Britta English, Nicole Swift, Andy Potts, Mary Bradbury, Nicole Ramsbey, and Seeley Gutierrez Athletes: Britta English, Nicole Swift, Andy Potts, Mary Bradbury, Nicole Ramsbey, and Seeley Gutierrez

Urban Assult

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This weekend Tucson and hosted its first Urban Assault Ride! What’s that you say? Rockin’ Event! In their words…

The Urban Assault Ride™ is the biggest bike scavenger hunt series in the world! You and a teammate will take to the streets on a city-wide bike adventure. Plot your own course to checkpoints around town where you’ll take on physical and mental obstacle courses. Be the 1st team to hit all the checkpoints and you’ll win a pair of New Belgium Brewing cruiser bikes (and be the first team to the beer tent 😉

The event is well known for its funky obstacle courses which must be completed before moving on. We’re talking modified Big Wheels, Bike Jousting, The Keg Walk, Inflatable Slides…and much more. Obstacles change every year and at every UAR. It’s a killer event for anybody who can pedal a bike (ages 7 and up). After the fun at the checkpoints there’s a ragin’ after party with a huge prize raffle and plenty of New Belgium beer. Check out their website here! was the big wheel station host. Like always we went all out with flags, music….even bathrooms ;), which were a big hit. Our own Seton C. and his teammate managed to take first male team and third overall! Next year it is on!

Dust Off Those Fins and Hit the Pool!

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As the weather begins to warm up around the country many triathletes realize it is time for their winter swimming hiatus to come to an end! Yes, of course there are those dedicated few who have bundled up in parkas and braved the cold winter mornings, but most of us need a little sunshine for inspiration to jump in that water. Here are a few tips I have for getting back in the swim of things!

First, everyone needs to work on technique. You might think you are too old or too fast to do your drills (or do them correctly) but, trust me it will be a humbling moment when a 10 year old with great technique blows by you in the next lane. If you are new to swimming one really great option is to have a stroke analysis done. At we work with Jeff, of Dolphins of the Desert, to offer video taped swim analysis. As a beginner this is very useful since it gives you the opportunity to see yourself swimming and allows you to compare your stroke to that of someone with a technically correct stroke.

Secondly, swimming is not an individual sport when it comes to training. It is way easier and more beneficial to train with a partner or a group of people. You tend to push yourself a little harder and stay in the water longer when you are training with others. If you have a local masters program I would encourage you to join up….you will see results quickly.

Finally, If you are still not convinced by the sunshine and looming race season to get back in the pool here is one more reason….

Yes, fashion! Just promise yourself that if you buy that cute new suit you will go to swim practice ‘x’ times per week. Whatever it takes to get you back in the pool! 🙂

Team and the TriCats Shine at the Tucson Tri!

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The semi-famous (locally) and super-competitive Tucson Triathlon took place this past weekend. For those of you not familiar with this sprint race you can check out the details at Needless to say the first race of the Holualoa Tucson Triathlon Series provides some serious fun, great sportsmanship, and more than a little speed. Two teams in particular made a big splash this year and ‘happens’ to be a major supporter of both.

The first team that impressed everyone in town with a big showing from a small group was the Team These athletes are individually sponsored athletes that make up our Team and not only are they forces to be reckoned with in the Tri World, they are all really great people. 6 of our sponsored athletes, Kara M., Chrissy P., Shannon D., Mike M., Alex W., and Matt G., came out and rocked the competition. Kara, Chrissy, and Alex placed top 3 overall and Shannon, Alex, and Matt won their Age Groups! Congratulations, you guys were awesome.

While it is important that our Sponsored Athletes work hard to perform well in triathlon, that is not the only reason we choose them to represent our company. A big part of our selection process is focused on what they give back to the sport. This race was a prime example of the dedication our athletes show to the tri community. Chris C., who was not able to race due to personal circumstances, spent the day volunteering as the run course coordinator in spite of a recent tragedy in his life. Having Chris out there, always cheering and with a smile on his face, reminded all of us that supporting and caring for the people around you is always more important than a win!

The University of Arizona TriCats also did an amazing job at this race. In the past year and a half I have watched the TriCats grow from a somewhat disorganized bunch of college kids into a team that has built an amazing sense of spirit and camaraderie. Not surprisingly this has translated into fast times out on the course. The TriCats did a wonderful job of spreading enthusiasm at this year’s event and swept many of the younger age group categories. Look for big results from the TriCats at the upcoming Collegiate Nationals! Oh, and they also looked really cool on their Zipp and HED demo wheels!

To view pictures from the Tucson Tri check out the Facebook page.

Introducing the Dogs!

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Now that you have met many of the employees of I feel that it is time you are introduced to the Dogs! Nothing compliments a laid back and friendly corporate environment better than the office dog, or in our case dogs. So here are the canine faces that you would run into on any given day at our store.

PICO and SIERRA (The Originals)

Pico and Sierra are Debbie and Seton C’s dogs (our owners for those of you new to the blog). They have been with longer than a majority of the employees and love to hang around They have competed in their share of endurance events, including last year’s Doggie Du at BAM. Pico is a veracious eater so if you see everyone’s trash cans on the top of their desk you know Pico is in the house.

SAMSON (The Gentle Giant)

Samson, the Great Dane, is the newest member of the canine family. Sarah L, the Marketing Director, recently made the trek to San Diego to rescue this beautiful 110lb boy. He recently attended his first product training and was on exemplary behavior. Wherever his mom goes, Sam is not far behind. He has enormous ears which I personally take great pleasure in squishing (which Sam patienly tolerates).

SHADOW (The Baby)

A few weeks ago our Warehouse Manager, Bob, found this little girl outside of Turned out to be a good break for the 9 month old puppy that had 3 employees in line to giver her a new home. Mark (and Karen) W, our Bike Manager are the proud new parents. Now, when you walk into the warehouse, Shadow is there, tail wagging and being generally adorable. Shadow enjoys running around the building with Samson and can almost keep up. She also gets a kick out of biting Sam’s legs while Sam tolerates her.

Top 3 Runs in Tucson!

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The location of this article has moved to here:

TRIFEST 2009 Recap

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This weekend was the title sponsor for the second annual TRIFEST! For vendors the weekend started on Thursday afternoon where more than 80 of the industries leading companies and groups gathered at the Tucson Convention Center to prepare their booths for the 3 day expo. Spirits were high as everyone pitched in to get the expo set up for the opening on Friday. Not that it was all work and no play! J



Friday morning upwards of 300 athletes gathered at the Inn Suites for a ride up Mt. Lemmon. Jimmy Riccitello led the ride and it was attended by triathletes from the newbie level all the way up to many pros and sponsored athletes. 

Friday the Expo opened and the TTC was flooded with people wanting to get a glimpse at the latest and greatest for 2009. At 5pm hosted an athlete lounge exclusively for our sponsored athletes! Amazingly, even in these tough economic times, we had over 35 athletes make the trip to Tucson to spend time training and getting to know their teammates. Cindy Duby flew in from freezing Michigan and AJ Curtis drove 1200 miles from Montana to join us. Now that is hard core! I was thrilled to finally put faces with emails and phone calls and see those friends that I only get to spend time with at a few races per year. The dinner with Dave Scott began immediately followed the athlete lounge and we strolled down to the dinner to join 300 of our fellow triathletes and hear about some old school Tri adventures.

Saturday morning started early for many with a 6:30 run with Dave Scott followed by a full day at the conference. Speakers included Andy Potts, Chris Carmichael, Bob Seebohar, Sarah Haskins, and many others. On Saturday night hosted a very special industry VIP party at the store for our vendors, sponsored athletes, and good friends of Seton gave a very thorough tour to our sponsored athletes and then we all sat down in the retail store which had been transformed into a dining room, for some Zivaz (Seton’s favorite restaurant- I think he ate their three times last week J). There was an open bar and the multipurpose room had been turned into a casino for the night! Yes, we do have poker chips because we are just that cool! 

Seton Giving the Tour

Seton Giving the Tour

 Sunday morning 200 people joined Chris Carmichael for a ride over Gates Pass! Those of us who were not able to get up that early managed to make it back to the expo and conference for the final day of TRIFEST fun.

Gates Pass Ride

Gates Pass Ride

 Special thanks to Seton and Debbie for hosting the sponsored athletes in such style and to all the athletes who attended and made this weekend such a blast! To see all the photos from the weekend please visit the Facebook page.


Winter Training Camps in Tucson

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It is 90 degrees and sunny in Tucson today! There really isn’t a more perfect climate for winter training than our beautiful desert city. This, coupled with TRIFEST – an amazing event for triathletes to attend, is re-establishing Tucson as one of the premier spots for camps and pros alike to train.

Riding Gates Pass

Riding Gates Pass


In many ways allows campers to have an experience that would go unmatched in other places due to all the amenities our retail store is able to provide. This year was able to ship and build bikes for the camps. Imagine arrive at your desitination and your bike is ready to ride…just throw on your clothes and go! We also offer unique shopping days during which campers can shop at special rates, get a tour of the facility, and hang out with their coaches and the retail staff for some one-on-one attention. Finally, our endless pool with underwater cameras allows coaches to not only show swimmers how to improve their technique, but allows the campers to take a DVD of their swim home with them.

Cliff Enlish Coaching Training Camp

Cliff Enlish Coaching Training Camp


This year there were 11 Camps (6 unique coaches/ coaching services) directly affiliated with TRIFEST. The campers that I have had the pleasure to meet thus far are having a blast (and getting a tan). So to all those who are riding your trainers and buried under 2 feet of snow…next year, go for it, and get your triathlete selves out to Tucson for a week of fun and sun!

Good Friends and Fast Racing at the Desert Du

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This past weekend myself and Nick were lucky enough to represent at the annual Desert Classic Duathlon presented by the Phoenix Tri Club! If you have not done this race, seriously think about putting it on your calendar next year. I won’t lie to you, it is not the easiest course to race at this time of the year, but you will know where your fitness stands by the time you finish!

Nick setting up for the Desert Du

Nick setting up for the Desert Du

We arrived on Saturday, after a very precarious drive in a borrowed truck, to help with setup and park the trailer which is used for the awards backdrop. The PTC was super organized and already had the race site mostly set up. McDowell Regional Park is a beautiful location for a race, with hard packed sandy trails winding through surprisingly green desert hills. Since the PTC is super organized and always on top of things, thanks to their great people, we even had time for a quick ride on the course. At 7pm Scott wined and dined us in the usual PTC fashion, read gourmet food in the middle of the desert. John proceeded to discuss the race plan, which he had figured out down to the minute(seriously). The rest of the night was spent merrily enjoying each others company!

Desert Du Pre-race Meeting

Desert Du Pre-race Meeting

Race Morning: Role out of bed around 5am. Since we slept in our fabulous trailer all we had to do was walk outside to be in the center of action. We quickly set up our store and lounge then worked on bikes until the start of the race. Nick actually switched out one man’s broken brake caliper with mine and re-cabled his bike….all before he raced

Early Morning at the Desert Du

Early Morning at the Desert Du

8:15: The pros are off, followed by 9 waves of age groupers. The first run is a 3.5 mile loop through the desert trails, very scenic and very fast! The first pros emerge followed by what seems like a horde of TriCats and sponsored athletes. Brian Grasky and I were watching and cheering near the transition and our cameras couldn’t move fast enough. Athlete, Sue Meno Athlete, Sue Meno

Then they were out on the bike through the park and towards Fountain Hills! Luckily, I positioned myself near Scott so up to the minute info. via his radio. This was especially opportune as I had been tasked with the job of tweeting (posting on the Twitter) about the race for all those who couldn’t be with us live.

Scott Perrine, PTC President

Scott Perrine, PTC President

Out of transition 2 Chris Foster and Kim Loeffler had secured significant leads over their competitors. Ultimately, both these individuals would win the pro race. The age groupers came tearing through after the pros with some impressively fast finishes by many of the TriCats and sponsored athletes. Congratulations to Brian Stover and Alex Waters, two sponsored athletes, who qualified for the Duathlon World Championships. What a great weekend spent with wonderful people and fast racing. To see the complete photo album from the Desert Duathlon please visit the Facebook page!

The TriCats Post Race

The TriCats Post Race

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