Team TriSports’ Dominate 70.3 World Championship Start List

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The Ironman 70.3 World Championship is just 2 short weeks away, and we are thrilled to have 8 Team TriSports athletes racing this year. Amongst the professional women you will see Leanda “Super bird” Cave, Angela “no longer the bridesmaid” Naeth, and Missy “check out my quads” Kuck representing Team TriSports.

Leanda "Super Bird" Cave

Angela "No Longer the Bridesmaid" Naeth

Missy "Check Out My Quads" Kuck

Could the women of TriSports sweep the podium? We’d put money on it!

Keep your eyes peeled for these speedy age groupers who are all gunning to top the podium this year: Leo Carrillo (M45-49), Sarah Jarvis (F30-34), Ali Rutledge (F45-59), and Mark Tripp (M30-34).

Road Trip

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The big rig hit the road today for a two-week trek across the country! We are so excited to making the trek to meet some of our online east coast customers. Members of the marketing, warehouse, customer service, and retail teams are excited to put a face to the names we love shipping packages to. We will have all the race day essentials and gadgets you love for our friends in Ohio and Vermont.

Our first stop is West Chester, Ohio for the USAT Youth and Junior National Championship.  We will be at the Voice of America Park Friday, August 10th from 9am to 5 pm, and Saturday, August 11th from 6:30am to 1:30 pm.

2011 USAT Youth and Junior National Championship

Next we will be headed to the USAT Olympic and Sprint National Championship in Burlington, Vermont. We will be setting up shop at the Burlington Sheraton on Friday, August 17 10am to 6pm, and Saturday August 18 from 8 am to 6:30 pm.

Burlington, Vermont.

We look forward to seeing you out there and make sure you honk and wave to Shari and Pam K in the truck!

Leanda Cave, 4x Escape from Alcatraz Champion

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Congratulations to Team TriSports athlete Leanda Cave on her 4th overall win at the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon! Leanda has previously won this race in 2010, 2008, and 2007. Other notable multi-time Escape from Alcatraz Champions include: Andy Potts (5x), Simon Lessing(3x), Michellie Jones (8x), Chris McCormack (4x), Mike Pigg (3x), and Paula Newby Frasier (3x). Escape is touted as one of the legendary races in the triathlon community due to its long, cold and rough water swim, hilly and technical bike (many pro’s opted for road bikes) , and sandy run. In typical Leanda Cave fashion she exited the water with the front pack of women and put together race best bike and run splits to take the win by over 3 minutes.

Pictures from

Chloe Black Wins Canada’s eQuinelle Grand Prix

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By Chloe Black

In Kempville, Ontario, Canada, near Ottawa, our nation’s capitol, the inaugural eQuinelle Grand Prix drew a strong field of elite men and women races due to a sizable prize purse! I had to pull a few strings in order the get my Canadian racing license in order, but all worked out and I made the 3+ hr drive to a far eastern part of our province.

They had a $1200 prize purse for the winner of the women’s race, with 2nd: $500, 3rd: $300, 4th: $200 and 5th: $100. Winning had a lopsided advantage and 20 + women, including Team Exergy Twenty 12 rider, Heather Sprenger plus a number of Canadian National team riders, lined up to take a run at the big payout.

Lap 3 included a very bad crash. I managed to avoid hitting the deck, but not before skidding, going up on one wheel and dropping my chain. I ran to the pit, but the race was stopped for 30min while they took one rider away to the hospital.

They restarted and shortened our race from 60 min + 5 laps, to 45 min + 5 laps. The race started with gusto and this was good as it kept women from bunching up in the narrow, technical corners. With a few $100 primes on the line, I sat back, watched and assessed a field that was virtually unknown to me. The pace never seemed too difficult, but there were a few teams with 4+ riders so I knew I would have to be smart. The last prime was presented with 15 min to go, again, I sat and watched.

The classic lull after the prime was perfect for an outside attack from the back and away I went. A sizable gap opened right away, but I never made it more that 25 seconds away. With no allies in the field, I knew the only chance I had now was to just 100% commit to this move. With 3 laps to go, the field was now motivated to fight for the biggest single day payout in Ontario. They were coming on strong, but I managed to fight them off, as they closed all but 5 seconds! That is not my typical style of crit racing, but it was an amazing feeling to win solo, off the front, for 25 min! Now my pocket book can breathe a little easier!

Angela Naeth’s Life Time Fitness Kids Triathlon Clinic

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By Angela Naeth

Last week I did a Kids Triathlon Clinic at Life Time Fitness in Las Vegas, NV. With over 50 kids and adults present, we went over everything from nutrition, recovery, and mindset to transition setup and training. I had a great time with the kids; it brought back great memories of working as a pediatric physiotherapist. I made sure they were up on their feet, had their brains firing and their bodies moving. 🙂

We had a great group of young triathletes!

It was a great chance to encourage others, young and old, to take up this wonderful sport and pursue their dreams. My message to all of them was to have fun and to find the passion that lies within you – whether it be triathlon or something else entirely. Never give up and don’t worry about the outcome, but rather how hard you pushed yourself individually.

I was very excited about whatever I was talking about...probably recovery (sleep)!

I hope this clinic is just one of the first of many for me. Inspiring these kids and answering their questions was a big highlight.  One of the funniest questions asked was, “do you run fast when you race…or really fast?” They also wanted to know what the reasons are to do a triathlon; there are many answers to this questions, but the most important reasons are to have fun, be healthy, and challenge yourself.

Ryan and Justin lending me a hand.

We chatted about what it takes to do your best in triathlon. I spoke about the four pieces of the pie: nutrition, training, recovery and mindset. While we talked about nutrition, the kids got to eat their tasty Beanitos, Core Power drinks and Gu gels. Ryan and Justin helped go over some key pointers for setting up a transition area. For recovery I explained a little about how to prevent injury by doing other exercise and gave ideas for strengthening their bodies. We also covered the best recovery of all…SLEEP, watching movies and hanging out with their friends. The kids had a lot of great ideas for this one!

Overall we had a great time and I couldn’t be more happy with the turnout. I’m pretty sure I saw a few upcoming triathlon stars in the mix! 🙂 A big thanks to Renee, Eddie, Justin and Ryan Carroll for their amazing help for the clinic! Ryan and Justin were my two right-hand boys and helped with the presentation. Heck, they could have done it themselves! They answered questions, chatted about their new Pearl Izumi tri kits, and explained how to set up a transition. They are future triathlon stars!

Schwag! Thanks TriSports!

A huge thank you also goes out to all the sponsors that helped out for this event. The kids were ecstatic with all the goodies they received, and everyone left with a big bag of new schwag.

Sponsors: Pearl IzumiISM SeatsRudy ProjectPunk Rock RacingGU Energy,  Sable Water OpticsBonk BreakerLarabarTrisportsClifBar, XlabCorePowerBeanitos,

Also, a big shout out to Jayne Furman, photographer.

For more pictures from the kids clinic check out Angela’s Fan Page!

Memorial Day Sale: Ends today!

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Today is the last day to take advantage of the great saving at our Memorial Day Sale!
Shop now!

Race Report: Leanda Cave, 2nd place Columbia 5150

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By Leanda Cave

Over the weekend a good friend reached out to me in search of help for his young nephew who was just diagnosed with ALS (also known as Amyotrophic  lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s Disease).  And two days later I learned the triathlon community has lost another life to ALS: Doug MacInnes (RIP Doug). This incurable disease takes lives every day and for the most part ALS is not heard about and sufferers only live for a short time beyond diagnosis. The health of the patient deteriorates so quickly leaving family and friends with very little time to adjust to the decline of their loved ones health.

A lot of athletes train day in and day out to participate and ultimately achieve a great result in triathlon, or any sport for that matter.  To some degree, we race this sport of triathlon for no reason other than our ego driven goals.  But I like to feel there is a purpose for everything and to know there is an even bigger reward.  And so racing for a cause, or in the name of someone else, is one of my favorite ways to race. I encourage all athletes to consider the value it brings to your life and to others by getting behind a charitable organization and racing for them.

Besides raising money for research and awareness, the Blazeman Foundation for ALS has been a huge support network that distributes knowledge and assistance to families and friends of ALS sufferers.  For this and many other reasons, I lend my time, name and voice to the Blazeman Foundation in hopes to increase their visibility and hopefully be a link in the chain to those who I reach.  And what does this all have to do with my race at the 29th annual Columbia 5150 Triathlon? Rob Vigorito, the event owner and organizer, is a Clinical Instructor at the University of Maryland and has done key brain tissue research on Jon Blais (of whom the Blazeman Foundation was named after) in pursuit of a cure for ALS.  Rob has given up his own time and raised over $4million in aid of charitable organizations.   I raced Columbia 5150 in honor of Jon Blais and to support the charitable efforts of the Blazeman Foundation for ALS who help and encourage those and their families who have been affected by this disease.  I will add that Rob was also kind enough to let me play around in his Porsche Boxter before the race!!

Back to the race report!

Let’s just say that I did it again.  I managed to pick (or I should say it picked me) another one of the toughest races on the triathlon circuit to continue my early season racing campaign with equally tough competition!  Columbia 5150 is probably one of the hardest races over the Olympic distance that I have ever done…..and I would just like to remind readers that I have been doing triathlon for 20 years! So it goes without saying that to do well over a course of this difficulty means that you are doing something right and your form isn’t that shabby.  Hence, I’m pretty pleased with achieving 2nd place at this stage of the game.  But what is of more significance to me is that I am still able to lay it down in an Olympic distance event.  I have morphed into an Ironman triathlete over the past 5 years and technically I should have no speed in my legs at all!  Additionally, the 30 hour training weeks I have been putting in prior to this event are not exactly conducive to Olympic distance racing.  I hurt myself quite a lot at this event and it felt really good!  That sounds like I seek pleasure in pain but in fact it is just more the fun of racing neck-and-neck again.  All too often, with long distance races, I find am more or less on my own the whole way.

On to how the actual race went down……

The clear leader out of the swim for the women was Sara McClarty.  Sara actually caught some of the men because she is such a demon in the water!  Next was a pack of 6 girls: Annabel Luxford, Lauren Goss, Rebecca Wassner, Debbie Tanner, Lindsey Jerdonek and myself.  I forgot how fast transitions are in short course racing and I was like an old woman running to my bike.  Right there I lost about 100m on the girls but I reeled most of them back in after the first few miles of the bike……..the exceptions being Rebecca Wassner and Annabel Luxford.  And then, Sara McClarty was still in the lead somewhere in the distance!  The bike course was a toughie: Hills, hills, and for kicks and giggles, a few more hills!

At about 20miles into the bike I finally caught McClarty which moved me into 3rd place.  I was busting my lungs to keep up with Wassner who was busting her lungs just trying to keep the gap between herself and Luxford turning into daylight. We came off the bike about 90 seconds down on Luxford, and we were caught by Margie Shapiro who put in a valiant effort after coming out a bit down out of the swim.

Considering how bad my swim to bike transition, I was the first of our little pack to shoot out on to the run.  I wanted to just go as hard as I could for the run but this was not an easy run. The longest flat section was a 400 yard stretch in the last mile.   Everything else was either up or down but I kept telling myself: “it’s only 10km”, quite a bit shorter than the half or full marathon distance which I am now accustomed!  I swear, 10km seems so short after you have raced a few Ironman! At the end, I managed to hold on to 2nd place.  I only gained back 30secs on Luxford who took out the win, but I had to fight the last mile with the 3rd fastest run to hold off Laurel Wassner who ended up with the fasted run split by about a minute.  I completed the race, with of course, the Blazeman Roll…….which all started with Jon Blais who said he would make it over the finish line at Ironman Hawaii even if he had to roll.

I’m so very happy with this result. It’s nice to know that I still have a bit of speed and it also felt incredible to fight so hard during a race.   When I raced Wildflower, I was coming from quite some time off from racing and felt that it showed in my performance but now, after Columbia 5150, I feel like I’m truly racing once again and am more in love with racing and triathlon than ever.

My next race will be the famous Escape from Alcatraz.  I already have won this one 3 times, and I have my sights set on another win.  Thank you to all my AMAZING sponsors who I appreciate to no end: Driscoll’s Berries, Pacific Health Labs, K-Swiss,, Pinarello, Easton, Giro, Blueseventy, ISM Saddles, Tor Hans, Skins, TriBike Transport, Oakley, Computrainer, PowerCranks and Katalyst Multisport.

Old Pueblo Grand Prix: Men’s Cat 2/3

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By Brian Ellis

On Saturday, March 16 the TriSports Cycling/Eclipse Racing team lined up in Tucson’s biggest cycling race of the season, the Old Pueblo Grand Prix. Expectations were high as the team was still enjoying their recent successes in Murrieta, Avondale and Tucson Bicycle Classic. With nearly a full squad including Brian Ellis, Andre McNulty, Justin Orkney, Ben Lair, David Welsh, Shawn Daly and, making his first Cat 2 start, Christian Maldonado, the plan was to stay at the front and ride aggressively.

The pace was fast right from the gun and within the first few laps, gaps in the field opened and riders were shelled off the back. Things settled down about 5 laps in and Brian took the opportunity and flew up the right side to launch an attack. A group of 4 slowly but surely pulled away from the field. The group of 4 grew to 6 with riders from the teams of TriSports Cycling, Jetset Racing, Green Team, Tachycardia and Tolero (and one unattached rider).

Content with their representation in the break, the TriSports team sat up and left the chase efforts to the rest of the field. Meanwhile, up in the break, Brian and his companions drove the pace and increased their gap on the peloton.  As the lead grew to 30 seconds, Justin Orkney made a valiant attempt to bridge up to the lead group.  Just as he was within ~25 meters of making contact with the leaders, he overcooked a turn and went down. Not to be deterred, he got up, dusted himself off and continued racing.

The lead group continued to push the pace and further increased their gap to the main field. After nearly 45 minutes of riding off-the-front, the leaders had the tail end of the peloton in sight. The field would be lapped!

With 5 laps to go, the field was lapped and things got messy. A handful of the breakaway riders were content to sit on the back and take their top 6 placing but the rider from Green Team quickly made his way to the front of the pack. Brian was in hot pursuit and the rest of the TriSports team did what they could to position him near the front. Amidst the confusion, the Green Team rider sprinted a lap early and thought he had the win but in reality, there was still one lap to go. The final lap was fast and the field was strung out.

Andre led Brian out of the last turn but a long day in the break had taken the toll on his legs. Brian gave it his best but the finish line was just a tad too far and he was passed by the rider from Jetset Racing who took the win. No one else from the break was able to come around Brian though and he held on to 2nd place overall.

Justin Orkney gets the Spirit Award for this race. Despite crashing early on, he continued to race and even made a second attempt to bridge up to the leaders! Unfortunately he never made contact with the lead group, but his efforts would net him 7th place on the day! Andre would finish in 9th overall and Ben, David and Christian rounded out the top 15 with 12th, 14th and 15th respectively.  All in all, a great day for the TriSports Cycling/Eclipse Racing team!

2011 Athlete of the Year

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As the sponsorship coordinator here at I think I have the coolest job in the building because I get to work with some of the best athletes in triathlon. Every year I am blown away by the incredible athletes that come to us wanting to represent TriSports and wear our red, white, and blue uniform. 2011 was without a doubt one of the best years for Team TriSports athletes and I would like to take a minute to brag about some of their accomplishments.

Amy Regan won her age group at Ironman Coeur D’Alene for the second year in a row, and finished 10th in her age group at the Ironman World Championship.

Karin Bivens won her age group at Ironman Brazil and proceeded to beat her husband in Kona.

Thomas Gerlach was the Rev3 amateur series champion and turned pro at the end of the season.

Angela Naeth won the inaugural Leadman Epic 250 and wrapped her season up with her first 70.3 win in Boulder.

Mark Tripp was 3rd in the highly competitive M30-34 age group at Vineman 70.3 which was also his first half.

Craig Pansing was the overall series winner for the Los Angeles Tri Series.

And Leanda Cave won Wildflower, Miami 70.3, Rev3 Knoxville, Ironman Arizona, and finished 3rd at the Ironman World Championships.

While these accomplishments are all very impressive there is more to being a athlete than winning races. It about living a healthy lifestyle, pushing ourselves beyond what we ever thought we were capable of, sharing the joy of sport with those around us, and our 2011 athlete of the year truly embodies the spirit of the sport.

2011 Athlete of the Year: Craig Sheckler

As a coach, club founder, and accomplished triathlete Craig Sheckler has turned the sport of triathlon into a lifestyle. As founder of the Endurance Multisport club in Pennsylvania he has helped grow the sport of triathlon in his community and inspired others to follow his lead and live an active lifestyle. His club now boast a membership of over 125 members. When Craig isn’t coaching he is busy training. After many years of racing Ironman Craig was ready for a new challenge and this year tackled Ultraman UK: a ridiculous 3 day double Ironman in the horrible weather of England. He then proceeded to do and Ironman 3 weeks after his return from Ultraman. As a 7 year member of Team TriSports I am honored to present the 2011 athlete of the year award to Craig Sheckler.

Craig and Erica Sheckler


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By Andre McNulty

The Elite men’s team went to Murrieta, California this weekend to test our legs against the best of Southern California at the Tour of Murrieta and came home with the team victory.

Our team was represented by Brian Ellis, Ben Lair, Andre McNulty, Justin Orkney and two composite riders Michael Dziedzic and Christopher Chase.

Friday’s time trial was like nothing we had done before.  It was a 6.5k rolling course that ended on a climb up an unpaved road with several challenging switchbacks.  Brian, Justin, Andre and Michael had impressive showings.  They scored points by placing 5th, 7th, 10th and 15th respectively.  Though we all managed to stay upright and upbeat, we were losing the team competition to the California based Team Revolution.

Saturday’s race was a fast and furious 6 corner criterium in downtown Murrieta that was made especially challenging by strong winds.  Multiple attacks were attempted but nothing stuck until the teenage phenom that dominated the time trial got away solo for the win.  With 6 laps to go, Andre jumped across to two riders from Team Revolution and Team Clif Bar Cycling.  With three riders in the break representing three of the bigger teams, the break was successful.  The three riders worked well together and Andre placed second of the breakaway for third overall and a place on the podium.  With strong finishing sprints by Michael, Ben and Justin, we were able to take the lead in the team competition.

Our spirits were high going into the final day of racing despite strong winds and a stacked field.  The cat 2 men set a blistering pace finishing the 56 mile circuit race as fast as the pro field.  Midway into the race, after a flurry of attacks and a crash, the field split in two.  Justin and Michael made the split of 16 riders.  Realizing, we had numbers in the break, Brian and Andre were able to discourage chase efforts.  In the break, Justin took monster pulls to ensure they would stay away, allowing Michael to unleash his killer sprint.  Michael won the bunch sprint, placing second to one rider who attacked late in the race.

Knowing we had a 7 hour drive home, it was tough to stand around in our racing kits.  We had goosebumps from the chill in the air as the sun was setting. The wait was well worth it when we stood on the podium hoisting the crystal team award above our heads.

Ah, the sweetness of victory!!!!

A special thank you to Danny Munson who provided race photography!

Thank you to California Pools and Spas for putting on an awesome race and to The Bike Shop of Temecula for sponsoring the Jorge Alvarado Team Competition.

A huge thanks to our  generous sponsors Orbea, Zipp, SRAM, Pyramid CoachingTechnicians for Sustainability, R&A CPA’s, and!

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