The Easy Way to Upgrade to 11-Speed

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This blog brought to you by TriSports Team athlete Chase Baraczek. Want to upgrade your components, but just don’t have enough in the bank to also splurge on new wheels? Never fear! Chase walks you through how to modernize those older wheels until you can go for those awesome new wheels you’ve been wanting! Follow Chase on Twitter – @trichase.

If you’re like me, you’ve been wanting to upgrade to Di2 or 11-speed on your bike, but have some hesitation about doing it because you have an expensive pile of 10-speed race wheels. Not only will you have to dish out a lot of money for Di2 or an 11-speed drivetrain, but now all of your pre-2012 race wheels and/or training wheels have to either be rebuilt or replaced because the freehub body is a few millimeters too short. Worry no more! Thanks to EDCO, there is a new, easy solution and you can be up and running for far less money than rebuilding your wheels with a new hub or flat out buying a new set of race wheels.  They have designed a single piece monoblock 11-speed cassette, which effectively extends your free hub without actually having to change it! That’s right; the solution is that simple (I’m amazed it took so long for someone to realize this was possible)! Follow the guide below and you’ll be off and running 11-speed in no time!

You’ll need a chain whip, wrench, a lockring removal tool and the magical EDCO 11-speed cassette.

First let’s get that old 10 speed cassette off. Keep the cassette from rotating with the chain whip and apply force the opposite direction with the wrench.

Lift off the old cassette and set it aside.

Place the metal spacer that comes with the cassette on the hub.

Then place the rest of the cassette on the freehub body. Note: you can see the extra lip extending out past the freehub making all this possible.

Using the lockring tool and the wrench, tighten down the red lockring in the direction that the cassette is locked. Make sure it’s fairly tight but don’t over-torque it.

Boom! You’re ready to rock 11-speed!

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