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Challenged Athletes Foundation

Community. Family. Home. was built from a foundation of family and community contribution. It is part of who we are- and where we came from. We continue that legacy of giving back to our community and sport. From our involvement in the Challenged Athletes Foundation to volunteering at the Ronald McDonald house and even cleaning up our roadways with our Adopt A Road project. also supports the local Junior El Tour Program to get kids on bikes, teach them good exercise and lifestyle habits and enable them to participate in events that reinforce goal setting and an active lifestyle.

Jr. El Tour

Each year our Deuces Wild Triathlon Festival donates 100% of its proceeds to a host of charities that include local organizations and the Challenged Athletes’ Foundation. employees volunteer throughout the year in support of charity events and projects that continuously give back to our local- and national- community.

Being a part of our community is a part of who we are at, and that means giving back is a natural part of our business.


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Youth Deuceathlon

Youth Deucathlon at Dueces Wild Triathlon Festival

In our hearts, we are racers- athletes. Our culture was born from racing and competing and has grown from a commitment to racing and participation at all levels- from beginner to world class. Sponsored Athlete supports athletes and events around the country- and around the world. From our top professionals like Leanda Cave, Ford Ironman Arizona Champion and 3rd pro at the Ford Ironman World Triathlon Championships in Kona, Hawaii in 2011 to our grass-roots triathlon team that provides coaching and support for local athletes of all levels.

Our commitment to racing goes beyond just generating results. It includes supporting events around the United States with sponsorship and logistical support. We even host our Deuces Wild Triathlon Festival here in Arizona, the largest multisport festival in Arizona including a 70.3 distance triathlon, an X-TERRA off-road triathlon and children’s races.

Racing and supporting the sport is a part of our foundation at and a part of our future.


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Solar Panels on the roof at

Solar Panels on the roof at

Tucson has 284 days of sunlight per year. 284 opportunities to convert clean, waste-free, ultra-low impact solar power into environmentally responsible energy.
The solar farm built on the Headquarters in Tucson, Arizona is one of the largest private solar farms in the U.S. Over 90% of’s energy is clean, renewable, ultra-low impact solar. The project to convert to solar took nearly a year to complete, and longer to plan. When the last panels were erected in fall of 2011 the energy consumption footprint of was reduced to near zero.
The local renewable energy specialists at Technicians for Sustainability installed the 128 kilowatt system on the roof and in front of’s headquarters and warehouse in Tucson. There are 416 panels pointing south toward the arc of the sun through the Arizona sky during all seasons.
Solar is one more part of’s commitment to the environment. It is renewable, safe energy for the future of our business, community and our desert landscape.

Solar Parking lot panels near completion


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Water Harvesting Tank in front of

Water Harvesting Tank in front of

There is no more precious resource in the desert: Water. uses an advanced water harvesting system, one of the largest private systems in the U.S., to reclaim the precious desert rainfall into usable water. As a result, less water is pulled from commercial sources reducing our impact on the environment and on the local environmental infrastructure.
Water is channeled from the roof of our headquarters building in Tucson, Arizona into two massive 18,000 gallon storage tanks. The tanks store water for use in a vital irrigation system that sustains all of our irrigation and non-potable water needs, reducing our water consumption significantly.
Our water harvesting system is so advanced it is a City of Tucson Water Harvesting Demonstration Site, an example to other businesses of how to manage the desert’s most precious resource.
Water harvesting is one more part of our commitment to our community and environment, and a huge part of who we are at

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