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  1. Great article. One point that I’d make in addition though, is that while not eating enough protein to assist in rebuilding post-workout would be bad, I don’t think that eating too much protein is equally bad, provided you aren’t skimping on other macro-nutrients in the process.

    Protein is harder for your body to digest, which keeps you feeling full longer and at 4 cal/g even if you were to eat 1g/lb at 150lbs that’s only 450 calories, leaving plenty of room in a typical athletes caloric deficit for carbs and (healthy) fats.

    Also of note: research shows that your body can only process about 25g of protein/hr. So you need to spread your protein intake throughout the day if you want to get the full benefit of what you’re consuming.

    Comment by Rick Yazwinski — September 27, 2011 #

  2. Rick-

    Thanks for the feedback I agree with your statements above. In the interest of not having the longest blog of all time I needed to leave some information out. I look forward to hearing your feedback on up and coming blogs.


    Comment by Steve A — September 27, 2011 #

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