International Triathlon Travel with Charisa Wernick

August 24, 2011 on 1:10 pm | In Athlete Profile, Product Information, Sponsorship | 1 Comment

Team TriSports professional triathlete Charisa Wernick is about to hit the road on whirl wind European racing adventure! As a seasoned veteran of the sport she has learned the in’s and out’s of race travel and is here to help you take the stress out of traveling to races.

This post may more aptly be titled “Packing lots of triathlon junk to haul around the world.” However, all of these items play a huge role in training and racing, and amazingly, can be fit into a bag without looking like an overloaded sherpa schlepping through the Heathrow airport.

I’m preparing to spend three weeks in Europe where I will race Ireland 70.3, followed two weeks later by Challenege Henley. In between the two races I will spend a week in Wales training on the IM Wales course. These are a few of the key items I plan to take with me.

Thankfully, Zoot makes a travel bag I can’t live without – with wheels to easily pack everything and zip around the airport, on trains, etc. I have been using this bag all year and I am still discovering smartly created pockets, water proof compartments, and at my last race even discovered a carabineer – should I need to repel after a race, or simply hook something onto my bag.

On the airplane I always wear my compression socks, and race shoes. I make sure I have all my race gear in a separate bag on the plane with me – this way if the airline loses my baggage, I can still race! I also wear my helmet the entire time we are on the plane – in case the plane crashes. Plus, this makes me look really, really cool!

Zoot travel race bag, Ultra Compression Socks, Tri Bag, and Ultra TT 4.0 racing shoes

For the trip itself, I have stretch cords, in case I can’t locate a pool to swim in, I can still get in a swim specific workout. Not quite as good as a pool workout, but better than nothing!

I really like smoothies and so I typically pack a bit of my own protein powder to make these abroad. It doesn’t take up much room and keeps my nutrition similar to what I eat at home when I am on the road.

For those things that are small and don’t take much room, I bring an extra pair – such as goggles, tubes, and sunglasses. I’m sure I could easily buy these in Europe, but the time it would take to locate a store to purchase them isn’t really worth it for me.

Rather than packing tons of training clothes, I typically bring two bike and run outfits and try to wash each by hand after wearing it – this way I always have a clean one to wear and I don’t end up with a suitcase full of a million smelly bike jerseys.

And should I forget something – although there is not a in Europe, thankfully they do ship internationally!

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  1. Charisa, Good luck! My husband, Team member Craig Sheckler, is racing Ultraman UK (in Wales) the same weekend as Ireland 70.3… we’ll be in Wales until Tuesday, leaving the UK on Sept 11. Seems like we’ll be missing each other! In any case, looks like will be taking the area by storm! (Lookout, Heathrow!)

    Good luck!
    Erica Sheckler

    Comment by Erica — August 26, 2011 #

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