Bike Case Beat Down

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Over the years I have seen many people come to that are emotionally attached to their bikes. If they are stolen or crashed these folks feel like they have lost a loved one or their favorite pet. I think I have come to this point with my beloved TRIALL3SPORTS Velo Safe 2 Bike Case. I have had this bike case for 10-years and it has gone all over the country with me (from Hawaii to New Hampshire and everywhere in between), my bikes and the loads of other stuff that I cram inside. This bike case has been beat down over the years, the airport gorillas have unleashed a holy war on my case and I think it is almost time to retire my great protector.  The most amazing thing to me is how long this case has lasted and the fact that the newer cases are 10x stronger than this one.

My Velo Safe 2 bike case, pretty much like the Energizer Bunny.My Velo Safe 2 bike case, pretty much like the Energizer Bunny.

In all of the years and the 80,000+  miles (I have no idea what the real number is) of travel I have only had one bike get damaged and it was 100% my fault because I was in a rush and did an awful job packing my bike (the brake lever ended up scratching the frame). I have also lent my bike case out to many friends who have taken the case around the world.

These cases are great for cramming other stuff as well, besides two bikes and four wheels, here are some other random things I have thrown in along side our bikes: two person tent, pillows, golf clubs (and bag), child booster seat, floor pump, shoes, helmets, wetsuits, stuffed transition bag, customer orders, banners….the list goes on and on!

This post is a tribute to my trusted bike case that has never let me down and my stamp of approval on the best made bike case on the planet. If you would like to read more on these cases, please check out this article on TriSports University.

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