Timex Ironman 50 Lap Watch

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The Timex Ironman 50 Lap Watch – “all the bells without the confusing whistles.”  Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to this triathlon watch.

For triathletes who want less, it tracks all the essential information needed when training or racing.  The Ironman 50 Lap Watch is water resistant to 100 meters and features:

  • 50 lap count
  • Three alarms
  • INDIGO night-light
  • Two interval timers
  • Large easy-to-read screen
  • Training log – stores workouts
  • Colors:  Orange/Black, Blue/Black, and Black/Yellow

Timex Ironman 50 Lap Watch

XLab Carbon Wing 140.6 Kit

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The XLab Carbon Wing 140.6 Kit has everything you need for your next triathlon or long endurance ride.  XLab offers one of the lightest rear hydration systems in the industry with their Carbon Wing and Gorilla Cages.

The XLab Carbon Wing 140.6 Kit includes the XLab Carbon Wing, Gorilla Cages (2), XNut, Co2, Nano Inflator, TriSports.com water bottles (2), TriSports.com Mini Tool bag, TriSports.com Mountain Bag, and XSW Straps (2).

Vineman 70.3: Racing for Cupcakes part 2

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Another year, another race, and another Vineman 70.3 challenge. This year the challenge was with profession triathlete Charisa Wernick. A 75 minute handicap was set and Sift Cupcakes were on the line. Last year I whooped on Leanda Cave and successfully finished my first 70.3 with no hiccups so I was going into this feeling pretty confident I could take down Charisa… this year I wasn’t so lucky.

Long story short, I double flatted and had some mechanical issues. I ended up spending about an hour with mechanics, walked backwards on the course twice, and once thought about throwing in the towel and walking to the nearest vineyard to start drinking. Charisa ended up having a GREAT race setting many new PR’s, and totally whooped me with a time difference of 151:67 minutes.  Cupcakes on me!

Due to my delays Charisa had to hit the road before I finished, but I do not go back on a bet and had these delicious cakes delivered to her office. Cupcakes clockwise: Snickerdoodle, Peanut Butter Ripple, and Pink Champagne!

So what do you do when your race heads south? What keeps you going? What are you thinking about? Here are some of the things that  kept me going once I started rolling again:

  • It looked like all my friends/athletes who passed me are having great races!
  • It’s so great to seeing so many of the clubs we sponsor out on the course: Phoenix Tri Club, TriScottsdale, Delta Tri Club, Pasadena Tri Club, Asphalt Green, Silicon Valley Tri Club, TriAtomics, and the Tucson Tri Girls to name a few!
  • I’m really glad I painted my nails purple. It’s such a happy color!
  • The Delta Tri Club aid station rocked. Who doesn’t love a guy in a grass skirt and coconut bra?!
  • At least there is wine at the finish line!!!

Charisa on her way to a course PR!

Bike Case Beat Down

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Over the years I have seen many people come to TriSports.com that are emotionally attached to their bikes. If they are stolen or crashed these folks feel like they have lost a loved one or their favorite pet. I think I have come to this point with my beloved TRIALL3SPORTS Velo Safe 2 Bike Case. I have had this bike case for 10-years and it has gone all over the country with me (from Hawaii to New Hampshire and everywhere in between), my bikes and the loads of other stuff that I cram inside. This bike case has been beat down over the years, the airport gorillas have unleashed a holy war on my case and I think it is almost time to retire my great protector.  The most amazing thing to me is how long this case has lasted and the fact that the newer cases are 10x stronger than this one.

My Velo Safe 2 bike case, pretty much like the Energizer Bunny.My Velo Safe 2 bike case, pretty much like the Energizer Bunny.

In all of the years and the 80,000+  miles (I have no idea what the real number is) of travel I have only had one bike get damaged and it was 100% my fault because I was in a rush and did an awful job packing my bike (the brake lever ended up scratching the frame). I have also lent my bike case out to many friends who have taken the case around the world.

These cases are great for cramming other stuff as well, besides two bikes and four wheels, here are some other random things I have thrown in along side our bikes: two person tent, pillows, golf clubs (and bag), child booster seat, floor pump, shoes, helmets, wetsuits, stuffed transition bag, customer orders, banners….the list goes on and on!

This post is a tribute to my trusted bike case that has never let me down and my stamp of approval on the best made bike case on the planet. If you would like to read more on these cases, please check out this article on TriSports University.

Gatorade G Series Pro

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The Gatorade G Series Pro is a specialized system of sports drinks with a unique blend of five electrolytes designed to meet the fluid and electrolyte needs of elite and endurance athletes. 

Gatorade G Series 01 Prime Pro Carb Energy drink contains a Quad Carb Blend effective for glycogen loading, plus 3 B vitiamins and is an effective way to help sustain carbohydrate utilization with additional carbohydrate intake during excercise.  Consume 60 minutes or more before your competition or endurance training.

Gatorade G Series 02 Perform Endurance Formula Powder contains an electrolyte blend tailored to help replace the fluids and electrolytes lost during long and intense workouts. 

Gatorade G Series 03 Pro Recovery Drink will help replace key protein and carbohydrates immediatley after a tough workout.  Contains 16 grams of protein and 43 grams of carbs per bottle.  Fast acting hydrolyzed whey protein isolate promotes protein synthesis in your muscles and fast acting carbs begin key muscle glycogen restoration.

Craft Men’s COOL Mesh Superlight

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The Craft Men’s COOL Mesh Superlight is the ultimate base layer for those really hot days.  If you’re racing or training outside in the summer heat, this product “Keeps Your Body Cool and Dry During Intense Exercise in Hot Condition.”

And trust me , the Superlight delivers on that statement – it works.  If you’ve been watching the Tour de France – look closely.  Under some of those unzipped jerseys you’ll see the “Craft” logo just peeking out the top.

They’re the world-leader in base layer technology and the pros know it.  Craft researches, develops, designs and uses only the finest materials in their products.  Bottom line, the Cool Mesh Superlight is a “must have” for  all of your summer racing and training.

Craft Men's COOL Mesh Superlight

Craft Men's COOL Mesh Superlight

ENVE Composites Aero 6.7 Smart Carbon Tubular Wheelset

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TriSports.com now carries the  ENVE Composites Aero 6.7 Smart Carbon Tubular Wheelsets!  The 6.7’s are the world’s first wheelset system that utilizes different wheel rim shapes to improve stability and reduce drag.

The front wheel is wider and shallower which improves stability while reducing drag.  The rear wheels is deeper for reduced drag.  The ENVE Aero 6.7 Smart Carbon Tubular Wheelset has been developed under multiple frame designs in order to produce maximum drag reduction and handling properties.

Built with one of the most respected hubs in the cycling industry, the DT Swiss 240s, the ENVE Aero 6.7’s has one of the highest strength to weight ration in the industry!

TriSports.com also carries the ENVE 45 and ENVE65 wheels. 

Vineman 70.3: Racing for Cupcakes

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Well, it seems I have once again found myself in a bit of a challenge. With Vineman 70.3 this Sunday I thought I would stick with tradition and once again challenge one of Team TriSports’ professional triathletes. Last year I  “beat” Leanda Cave and this year I will be going head to head with Charisa Wernick.

Charisa at Escape from Alcatraz

Who is Charisa Wernick?

  • Charisa is a microscope saleswoman by day and professional triathlete by night.
  • In her rookie year she was 5th place at Ironman Wisconsin and had numerous top 10 finishes.
  • She is one speedy thing once she gets her Zoots on and has run herself into the money on numerous occasions.
  • Talent runs deep in Charisa’s family. Her father is a TriSports Champion who is still busy racing Ironman at age 60 and her husband is an accomplished hot dog eater.

The challenge: Based on both of our goal times we have set a 75 minute handicap. If I can finish in less than 75 minutes of Charisa’s time she is buying cupcakes from Sift Cupcake & Dessert Bar (seriously, check them out if you are racing Vineman or are ever in Santa Rosa, CA. BEST CUPCAKES EVER!). The best part of the challenge is this time you can place your own bets! Check out Charisa’s blog and post what you think our time gap will be. Winner gets a $50 gift certificate to TriSports.com!

mmmm cupcakes


Best Bus Stop in Town

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If you ride a bike, whether it be for recreation, commuting or training you know that you see some really random things out while you are riding.  Coins, CO2 cartridges, dead animals, crazy drivers….you know the drill.  One of the law firms here in town that is focused on cycling (VeloLaw.com) took it upon themselves to put up this sweet ad at a couple of the bus stops in town featuring one of the former riders on our TriSports/Eclipse Cycling Team (Victor Riquelme – now riding for Team Pistachio).  We have no association with Velo Law (other than riding bikes) so I thought it was cool they used this picture for their advertisement.

VeloLaw Bus StopTriSports Cycling being advertised on a bus stop in Tucson, AZ!

Oakley Fast Jacket XL

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The world leader in sunglasses introduces their latest innovation – the  Oakley Fast Jacket XL.  For the demanding triathlete, these cutting-edge sunglasses push the envelope of performance and technology.

Featuring a unique interchangeable lens design that allows you to adapt your optics to the environment.  Changing lenses is fast and easy thanks to “Switchlock Technology.”  A quick-release system that locks the lenses in-place.

The Fast Jacket XL comes packed with unbeatable technologies, so you can “adapt and conquer” in all types of light conditions.  Learn more about the Oakley Fast Jacket XL at the TriSports University.

Oakley Fast Jacket XL

Oakley Fast Jacket XL

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