FSA Vision Tech Metron Bar End Shifter Set

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The FSA Vision Tech Metron Bar End Shifter set is a simple design that allows triathletes and TT riders to quickly and easily shift.  Shifting is easy – to downshift simply push the ‘thumb’ lever down with your thumb and to shift up squeeze the lever. 

Installation is easy and quick.  Add the Metron to the 3T Auro Pro Triathlon Time Trial Aerobar and you have a sleek, aero cockpit. 

The Metron set is only compatible with Shimano 10 speed drivetrains. 

Bike The Bluff with Tulio Weber

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Tulio Weber is TriSports Cycling’s youngest star. At only 15 years old he is already a category 3 racer, and dominating at races throughout the southwest. The other weekend he participated in the Bike The Bluff in Show Low, Arizona. Saturday’s race consisted of a challenging 74 mile road race held at 6,500 feet!

I had lots of fun at this race even though I didn’t get to do the crit on Sunday because of the wind.  One thing that made the race especially fun was I got to ride with the cat 1-2 on the TriSports team and some other cat 1 and 2 riders. I enjoyed finding out how I race against the BIG GUYS!

At the start of the race, I was nervous. But, little by the little, I got more comfortable. I stayed with the group for a while, and then I attacked around 30 miles into the race. I got away by myself and was on a break. I don’t know how long I held on, but when the official came to me, he told me that I had a minute and a half time gap on the peloton. I was happy because I opened up a big gap for my age in the cat 1-2-3 category. Eventually they caught me and I was tired, and sometimes I was falling behind in the race. In my mind I stayed strong and kept going and I was second place in the 3’s.

– Tulio Weber

Fly the Red, White and Blue

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Way back in history our forefather sat down and decided to make our colors Red, White and Blue.  Today these colors are flown with pride all over the world by some of the best people in the world.  With Independence Day around the corner, you may be thinking I am talking about the American Flag, actually I am talking about the colors of TriSports.com!  Over the years our logo has changed a bit but the essence remains the same, here is a look at the progression of our logo over the years.

First TriSports.com logo
I came up with this logo back in 1999 and other than adding the Swim, Bike, Run this is what we launched the company with in 2000.

TriSports Oval
After sponsoring many events in our first two years and seeing our logo get lost on the back of T-Shirts I felt we needed something to call the logo out a bit more and the oval was added as well as dropping the drop shadow.

TriSports.com 3 Roads Logo
I really felt that our company needed something added to our logo, a mark that could stand on its own once the brand grew stronger. We call this our 3 Roads logo and it is a symbol of the individual paths of the swim, bike and run and the journey we all take to get to the finish. (circa 2002).

2nd TriSports.com Logo
Here is the TriSports.com oval logo with the 3 Roads incorporated. We also added this nifty tag line that we used for a bit. Ironically the tag line still holds true! (circa 2003).

TriSports.com Official Swim, Bike, Run, Shop Logo
This is our current logo (sometimes shown with out the Swim, Bike, Run, Shop). We dropped the Swim, Bike and Run from inside the “Tri” because we felt it was a bit busy. I am proud of all of the hard work and great people this logo represents!

New! Barracuda Hydrobat Triathlon Goggle

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The Barracuda Hydrobat Triathlon Goggle is the latest innovation in race goggles.  This next generation swim-fast goggle utilizes a “Batwing” design that lowers drag in the water.  And, its anatomically designed for an individual fit.

The specialized wing covers the eye socket and sits flush against the cheek bone to keep them securely in-place and leak free.  They feature a state of the art fog resistant coating for long-lasting clarity and visibility during the swim.

For the demanding triathlete, the Hydrobat has a unique double wishbone nose-bridge system with eight different adjustment points that allow for fine tuning and a perfect fit every time.

Barracuda Hydrobat Triathlon Goggle

Xlab Aluminum Torpedo Mount

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The Xlab Aluminum Torpedo Mount allows triathletes to utilize a front hydration system without the splashing and drag that is typical of front mounted hydration systems. 

Horizonally mounted and easy to install via the Silicone Gripped straps that attach to the aerobar extensions.   For the lowest drag set up use the Xlab Torpedo Cage but for rough or steep climbs use the Xlab Chimp Cage.  The Xlab Aluminum Torpedo Mount is available in 4 different colors: black, blue, white, and red and  in carbon fiber!

Kitzbuhel, ITU World Cup Race Recap

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I’m a bit of an ITU junky, as I think it is a fascinating aspect of our sport that many American are not as familiar with. Some of the most successful long course triathletes got their start on the ITU circuit including, Leanda Cave, Chris McCormack, Andy Potts, and Cat Morrison. This year’s series is proving to be action packed as the stakes are high and the athletes eager to earn points to prove to their home countries that they are a viable choice for the 2012 Olympic Games. As well, current Ironman World Champions Chris McCormack announced his return to short course racing in hopes of being a contender for the Australian Olympic team.

This past weekend the 4th race of the ITU World Cup series was held in Kitzbuhel, Austria. This weekends race was much anticipated with Chris McCormack making his return to short course racing, and Canada’s Paula Findlay would challenge two-time ITU World Champion Emma Moffatt’s record for the most World Championship Series wins. Unfortunately for McCormack things did not go as planned. Just two weeks after his win at Challenge Cairns he pulled out of the race shortly into the bike after posting the slowest swim time of the day by over 30 seconds.

Helen Jenkin (2nd, GBR), Paula Findlay (1st, CAN), Sarah Groff (3rd, USA)

Findlay did not disappoint and picked up her fifth World Championship Series title and third straight victory! However, the most notable race of the weekend came from America’s own Sarah Groff who had the best finish of her career coming in 3rd just 35 seconds behind Finlay. Last year, no American even made it to the podium so it’s great to see an American representing abroad! Groff’s performance did not go unnoticed as she was named USA Today’s Olympic Athlete of the Week.

I hope my random babbling about these amazing Olympic hopefuls inspires more of you to follow the fast paced, and action packed world of ITU racing. It won’t be long before we see them in London!

See for yourself how cool ITU racing is! Check out THIS video from TriCenter!

Update: Here is what Macca had to say about his race in Kitzbuhel.

Ride of Silence – 2011

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For the last 5 years or so our staff has been attending the annual Ride of Silence.  This is a national event that is hosted in cities all around the country to remember and honor those that have lost their lives while on a bicycle.  We close our entire operation down early so our staff can attend this event.  This year we had over 20 folks from our staff attend and the total rider count was about 150.

TriSports.com Staff gets ready to ride for about an hour without talking - a tall order!TriSports.com Staff gets ready to ride for about an hour without talking – a tall order!

The ride is about 12 miles long, fully supported by the Tucson Police Department and during the ride you are not allowed to talk – it is a little eerie.

A look up the road of the 150+ riders.A look up the road of the 150+ riders.

For me it is a time to reflect on those people I have lost in my life that weren’t necessarily killed while riding a bike (thankfully I don’t know a lot of people this has happened to) but friends that have passed that when they were here they loved being on the bike.  Hopefully you will have a chance to join the Ride of Silence in your community next year.

Gotta love the TriSports.com water bottles in the basket of this cruiserGotta love the TriSports.com water bottles in the basket of this cruiser!

Newton All-Terrain Trainer – Terra Momentus

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Winner of the “Most Innovative Product of the Year” award from Triathlon America – the Newton All-Terrain Trainer Terra Momentus continues to be a big favorite amongst trail runners.  And, for good reason…

This off-road trainer was engineered to tame all types of terrain, from groomed bridle paths and roads to technical mountain trails.  Its low-profile design and high-durability make it perfect for walking or hiking, too.

The Terra Momentus employs “Action/Reaction Technology” absorbing and then returning energy back to you.  Making your run, hike, or walk  more natural and ultra-efficient.

Better bio-mechanics, less energy loss, more mobility and cushioning – no shoe does it better than Newton’s Terra Momentus!

Newton Men's All-Terrain Trainer Terra Momentus

Newton Men's All-Terrain Trainer Terra Momentus

GU Gel and GU Gel Ultra Roctane

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TriSports.com is excited to offer one of the best deals of the summer on GU Gel and GU Gel Ultra Roctane$19.99 for 24 GU Gels and $39.99 for 24 GU Gel Ultra Roctanes. 

GU Gel is a carbohydrate energy gel that provides energy and promotes recovery.  Ideal before, during, and after training or racing.

GU Gel Ultra Roctane is a premium energy gel designed for sustained, high-intensity efforts such as triathlons and other endurance sports. 

Flavors can be mixed and matched so you get excatly what you want. 

GU Energy Gel and Ultra Roctane

While supplies last.

Team TriSports athletes Earn Spots to Kona

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It’s only June and already Team TriSports has two age group athletes who have earned themselves highly coveted spots to the Ironman World Championship. Does our team rock or what?!

67 year old Karin Bivens returned to Oceanside this March in hopes of earning herself a ticket back to the Big Island. Here third place age group finish wasn’t good enough to earn her a Kona slot but with Ironman Brazil on her schedule she declined the 70.3 World Championship spot, and kept her sights set on Kona.  If Ironman has taught Karin anything its patience and it paid off! Karin took first place in the F65-69 age group at Ironman Brazil and she will be returning to the Ironman World Championship for the 6th time in October.

Karin and husband Roger (2nd place M70-74) on the podium at Ironman Brazil

New mama, Liz Waterstraat topped the women’s 35-39 podium this past weekend at Eagleman 70.3. That’s right, new mom! Not even a year ago Liz gave birth to her first child, Maxwell Logan Waterstraat and now she’s headed back to the Ironman World Championship for the 3rd time. I chatted with Liz to find out how life as a triathlete has changed with her new little man in her life.

Liz, at the TriSports.com Desert Classic Duathlon.

TS: What makes qualifying this time different?
LW: Less than a year ago, I was still pregnant.  I stayed very active throughout my pregnancy yet regaining my shape and fitness after was a much slower process than I anticipated.  To go from post-pregnancy to the top of my age group at a very competitive 70.3 is very special to me.  I made a lot of sacrifices for this and balanced many different things in life.  In the end, I knew it would pay off – and it did.

TS: How has life as a triathlete changed now that you have had a baby?
LW: There are definitely the physical changes – you have a different body but the same mindset as the “old” you.  It takes awhile for both to be in sync again.  You learn to shift your expectations in the meantime, paces you once saved for warm up become your race pace and you accept it, knowing that for this stage in your life, it’s the best you can do.  There’s also the issue of less time for recovery.  I go from training right back into parenting mode.  There’s very little downtime.  This means your training changes, you have to balance what you want to do with what you can realistically recover from while being a parent (read: running up and down the stairs, toting a 20 pound child everywhere).  There are the psychological changes; you become much more focused.  When you are training, you are on.  When you are not training, you are out of athlete mode.  This helps you to compartmentalize training – you leave the bad workouts and move forward.  There’s no time to dwell or over think.  I think I also enjoy training more now.  It’s “my” time where I get to reconnect to doing what I love to do.  It’s important for parents to nurture their own needs and desires – life cannot just be about your child.  There needs to be balance and you need to have separate times where you do what’s important to you.

TS: What was the hardest part of getting back in shape after pregnancy?
LW: Being patient.  Despite what you read, you will not drop your baby weight in one month nor while nursing!  It’s been 11 months and I’m still carrying a few extra pounds.  In the meantime, it’s hard to accept the different (bigger!) version of yourself but I viewed it as strength training.  If I can run carrying the extra pounds, imagine how strong I’ll be when I drop them!  It is also hard to “find” the time to train to regain your shape but I am convinced that if you make it a priority to make the time, it will be there.

TS: How will you approach Ironman training differently now that you are a mother? LW: Training will be very focused and race specific.  I find that as I get older and as I balance more in life (work, parenting, being a wife), the less energy I have to do or recover from extra fluff or intensity.  I keep things very specific and efficient now.  I’m a big proponent of doing the least you need to do to get what you’re looking for.  Training for Eagleman I didn’t run one excess mile more than necessary, I didn’t pedal one watt harder than necessary.  It will also take the cooperation and support of my family.  I can’t do any of this without a supportive husband who is also an athlete, grandparents who live nearby and a flexible, trustworthy babysitter

TS: What are you looking forward to the most about returning to the Big Island?
LW: I actually like the race.  The conditions reward patience, endurance and heat tolerance.  I’d like to think that spending 10 months over 35 pounds heavier while pregnant, with the biggest of those months in the heat of a Midwestern July, were secret training putting me at an advantage for Hawaii.  Also, if I had to compare mile 22 of the run with the pain of labor, labor wins.  That’s great perspective to pull from on race day.  Honestly though, I enjoyed both of my races at Kona and had nearly perfect days.  I have a specific goal for this time around and a lot of good people helping me to reach that goal.

Ho’omaika’i ‘Ana, Karin and Liz!

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