HED Ardennes Flamme Rouge Clincher Wheelset

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The HED Ardennes Flamme Rouge Clincher Wheelset is perfect for your next training ride or triathlon.  With 23mm wide C2 Scandium rims along with HED’s Carbon Flamme Rouge Sonic Hubs make for excellent cornering and extremely low rolling resistance.

The Ardennes Flamme Rouge wheels set includes Ti skewers and a Ti ratched ring.  The Ardennes Flamme Rouge is available as a Stallion build for riders between 191 & 225 lbs.  HED also offers the Ardennes CL wheelset with a PowerTap Pro+ hub.

HED Ardennes Flamme Rouge

Race Report: Leanda Cave wins Rev3 Knoxville

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In a nutshell, I won!!  Now when I crack that nutshell open, there is a story to tell.  The Rev3 Knoxville was an alternative race I decided to do about 4 weeks after my broken rib incident.  The Rev3, a non-drafting Olympic Distance event, replaced the Ironman Texas which was on my original schedule next weekend.  I was just not confident with the Ironman distance due to not enough running miles. I flew into the beautiful Knoxville late Thursday night.  Close connections caused a delay in my bike arriving.  So I used the opportunity to drive the bike course on Friday.  Great course.  Some nice hills and smooth roads that meandered through English-like countryside.  Perfect. My bike arrived later that day and I took it for a spin on Saturday morning.  The gears were not changing all too well, and I’m not confident with adjusting the new Di2, so I took my Pinarello into the nearest bike store.  Not good news.  I was told that my rear derailleur hanger was about to break off.  The bike mechanic straightened it and managed to get my gears working well, but couldn’t replace the part as there was no store in town that stocked my bike.  He also said I’d be lucky to get through the 40km bike without it snapping off.  Oh dear!!

Eric Winn/LAVA Magazine

The race morning came around with the alarm going off at 4am and all Id managed was 2hrs sleep!  I tried not to think too much about the fact that it was only 1am in Tucson!  I rode down to the start and so far so good for my bike.  I checked it into transition at 5.30am then warmed up.  But I was so tired and on the way down to the swim start I had to get a 2nd Surge Gel into me – and I hadn’t even had the 1st surge!!  The gun went off at 7am and the 1500m swim began in the Tennessee River.  I had no top end speed and I could see the faster swimmers of the race  Annabel Luxford, Julie Dibens and Becky Lavelle just take off.  I was thinking this was going to be the start of one of those days.  But about a third of the way in, I started to gain and managed then to hold the feet of Lavelle for the rest of the swim. I exited the swim in 4th, hot on the heels of Lavelle, Dibens and Luxford and I came out onto the bike in 2nd behind Luxford.  My transitions have been pretty bad over the last few events, so I wanted to really get this one right.  I did.

Eric Winn/Triathlete Magazine

In the early stages of the bike Lavelle dropped off the pace which was quickly set by Luxford and Dibens.  I was hanging 3rd as we started to head up a main road exit.  I had my head down and saw an arrow on the road pointing right in the direction of the bike course, and I followed it.  When I looked up, Luxford and Dibens had gone left.  I panicked because I thought I had gone wrong since Dibens was the defending champion and I figured she knew the course.  Apparently not as the course had changed. Phew. The mistake of Luxford and Dibens cost them some time ,which left me out there on my own being pursued only by Lavelle.  I came up to the U-turn on the bike course way too quickly and I had just finished a 2nd Surge Gel that I had still in my hand.  I needed to slam on the breaks rather quickly and just dropped the gel.  Next minute, I was pulled over by race marshals and they penalized me with a 1 minute stand down for littering the course.  Guilty!  At that point, Lavelle sailed past.  Crap!!  When I was given the go ahead to start up again, I was really pissed and I could see Dibens and the rest of the field with their heads down making chase.  I gave the second part of the bike course everything.  I soon passed Lavelle and I was back in the front. I hit transition with a 45 second lead over Lavelle and around 8 over seconds over Dibens.

Eric Winn/Triathlete Magazine

My legs were smashed, but I had to run my heart out or I knew Dibens would catch me.  I have no idea what my heart rate was, but I could taste boiling over in my mouth!  I wanted this win.  I saw Dibens at the turnaround and figured I must still have a good minute or so lead, so I kept on the pace as good as I could.  At the 5-mile mark someone said that no one was in sight.  I have to say , I gave a sigh of relief and stayed strong into the finish.  Yes…I won!!  I did the Blazeman Roll once again!

Next up – Escape from Alcatraz on June 5th in San Francisco.
– Leanda Cave

Louis Garneau X-Lite Helmet

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The Louis Garneau X-Lite Helmet is designed to be ultra-light, comfortable and protective.  Not to mention it’s available in 3 different colors and looks great any day of the week!

But, don’t let its “lightweight” persona deceive you.  The X-Lite is a top performer with 37 vents for optimum cooling and U-Bar reinforced construction for non-compromising safety.

Louis Garneau put thought into every gram, using super-light webbing for stabilization and the Spiderlock SL for one-handed fit adjustments.  Get one today and feel the difference!

Louis Garneau X-Lite Helmet

Louis Garneau X-Lite Helmet

X-LAB Aero TT Cage and V2 Bottle

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X-LAB’s Aero TT Cage with the V2 Bottle is a perfect choice for sprint and olympic distance triathlons.  The Aero V2 bottle has 25% less drag than round bottles and you can save up to 20 seconds off a 40km TT/Tri.   

The uniqe ‘easy grip’ groove allows for easy removal from the Aero TT Cage.  Thicker polyethylene on the bottom side of the V2 bottle helps to avoid distortion and the top side is a non-slip surface.

BPA free bottle and a total bottle/cage weight of 119 grams.  Other frame mounted drink systems are reviewed in TSU.

Oh, Canada!

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I’m pretty lucky to work for TriSports.com. As the sponsorship coordinator I interact with athletes, coaches, clubs, and race directors around the World and provide support to these different facets of the triathlon industry.  Most of the time I communicate with these people via email and telephone so getting to meet and spend time with them is a rarity. This weekend the marketing director Sarah and I traveled to Osoyoos, Canada to visit and train with the club members of Pacific Rim Multisport. Their membership is located in the Vancouver area and head to Osoyoos every spring to get some training in on the historic Ironman Canada and Oliver half courses.

Osoyoos, British Columbia

My favorite part of the trip was getting to ride a large portion of the Ironman Canada course. Our Sunday ride took us up Richter Pass the ride features beautiful views of Lake Osoyoos and valleys filled with vineyards.  Along the road you can see the words of encouragement from family and friends to those who have attempted the challenging course. From there we continued through rural neighborhoods up to Yellow Lake. Along the ride I enjoyed talking to club members about their experiences racing Ironman Canada and the culture of triathlon in Canada.

Elevation of our long Sunday ride. Osoyoos, Richter Pass, Yellow Lake and back.

A big thank you to Shaun Callaghan and the members of Pacific Rim Multisport for letting us tag a long for some great training, and showing us around your beautiful country! Ironman Canada 2012, who’s coming with me?!

Finis Swimsense Performance Monitor

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Achieve your swim goals with the Finis Swimsense Performance Monitor – an effective tool for capturing and reviewing essential swim data.  Track distance, splits, laps, stroke count, stroke rate, distance per stroke and calories burned.

The built-in motion sensors can distinguish between backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle.  The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts for 12+ hours of swim use.  Settings can be customized and it comes with the Swimsense Dock.

It’s PC and Mac compatible – simply place the monitor into the dock and upload your workout.  Then use the Swimsense Online Training Log to analyze past performances, set goals and track progress.  Now’s the time to motivate, raise the bar, and swim at a new level!

For more information on the Swimsense, read the “Spring Swim Review” at TriSports University.

Finis Swimsense Performance Monitor

BH Road and Triathlon Bikes

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TriSports.com is proud to bring on BH Road and BH Triathlon Bikes!  BH Bikes is based out of Spain and has been in the bike building business for over 100 years.  BH is a proud supporter of Team RideClean as well as triathlete Angela Naeth. 

On the road side BH offers the RC1 – Shimano Ultegra components, ENVE G5 carbon fork, and a RC1 carbon frame.  On the tri side BH offers the GC Aero – Shimano Ultegra components, Vision/FSA cockpit, and Mavic Ksyrium Equipe wheels.

BH RC1 Shimano Ultegra Road Bike

BH GC Aero Triathlon Bike Shimano Ultegra Blue

Oakley Custom TriSports.com Radar Path

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Looking like a triathlete just got easier with the Oakley Custom TriSports.com Radar Path – an essential part of the TriSports.com race kit.  These were hand-picked and specially designed by TriSports.com and are fresh from the Oakley factory.

These custom sunglasses will make a visual impact whether you’re training or racing.  They come equipped with Fire Iridium lenses with “TriSports.com” etched on the corner of the lens.  The TriSports.com colors – red, white, and blue are proudly displayed!

Made in America, Oakley is known for using only the best materials in their products.  And, if you own a pair of their sunglasses, you know they’re purpose-built and made to last.  Not to mention they’re cutting edge and look really great!

But, if the Radar Path isn’t your thing – you can get the same great look with the Oakley Custom TriSports.com Jawbones.  Whichever one you choose, you’re guaranteed to turn heads at your next event!

Oakley Custom TriSports.com Radar Path

Oakley Custom TriSports.com Radar Path

Shimano Dura-Ace C50 Carbon Clincher Wheelset

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The new Shimano Dura-Ace C50 Carbon Clincher wheelset is perfect for the triathlete looking for fast acceleration and aerodynamics.  Using Shimano’s own proprietary high modulus carbon, the DA7900 C50’s are stiff yet responsive. 

The DA C50’s utilizes a Ti freehub body and a wider, oversized axle for increased stiffness which translates to better power transfer and acceleration. 

The Shimano Dura Ace C50 Carbon Clincher wheelset is backed by Shimano’s Dura Ace 3 year warranty.

Racing Recap: Wildflower, Duathlon Nationals, St. Croix, and Tour of the Gila

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What an incredible weekend of racing! USA Triathlon Duathlon National Champions, Wildflower, Ironman 70.3 St. Croix, and the final stages of Tour of the Gila are just a few of the races where TriSports.com athletes threw down the hammer.

Angela Naeth, Team TriSports, 2nd place Ironman 70.3 St. Croix, new bike course record.

TriSports.com newest elite athlete Angela Naeth traveled to the U.S. Virgin Islands to compete in Ironman 70.3 St. Croix. After an overly difficult swim Naeth knew she needed to make up some time on the bike, and that she did! Naeth biked her way from 7th to 2nd place (2:33:47) and beat the bike course record set by uber-biker Julie Diben back in 2007. Current Ironman World Champion, Mirinda Carfrae was only 4 minutes down on Naeth coming off the bike which in the past has proved to be a gap easily conquered. Not today! Naeth ran her heart out, held onto second place, and clocked the second fastest run split of the day with 1:26:16.

Age group athlete Ali Rutledge had a great race as well place 8th in the highly competitive 35-39 women’s field.

Leanda Cave, Team TriSports, 2011 Wildflower Triathlon Champion.

Leanda Cave, one of the most well rounded multisport athletes showed her strength in all three sports this weekend as she was crowned the Queen of Wildflower in the sports most beloved race. Cave exited the water in 4th place and quickly claimed the lead shortly after getting on the bike. Mary Beth Ellis did not let Cave out of her sight the entire day but Cave held on first place to take the win just missing the course record by 8 seconds. Check out this great video of the women’s race. Leanda really makes this sport look effortless!

Mark Tripp of Team TriSports experienced the challenging Wildflower course for the first time in the Olympic distance race. Those hills were nothing for Tripp who was 3rd male overall.

Billy Oliver, Team TriSports, USA Triathlon Duathlon National Championship, 6th place age group (45-49), Duathlon Worlds Qualifier.

Team TriSports age group athletes dominated in our own back yard at the USAT Duathlon National Championship held here in Tucson, Arizona. The course featured 2 hilly run courses with virtually no flats, and a deceptively hilly but fast 2-loop bike course.  Kara Middendorf was 2nd female overall, Karin Bivens was second in her age group (65-69), Brian Stover was 5th in his age group (40-44), Elizabeth Waterstraat was 5th in her age group (35-39), and Billy Oliver was 6th in his age group (44-49). All Team TriSports athletes who raced earned spots to be on the Team USA Worlds Duathlon team.

Anna Sander, TriSports Cycling/Eclipse Racing, 19th GC Tour of the Gila

The women of TriSports Cycling/Eclipse Racing headed to Silver City, New Mexico for one of the hardest professional cycling stage races in the United States, Tour of the Gila. Tour of the Gila is a stage race consisting of 3 road races, an individual time trial, and criterium that cover 540 km in 5 days. Anna Sanders was TriSports star in Gila placing 10th GC over the first two days and eventually finishing 19th overall against a stacked field of the toughest professional American female cyclists.

Team TriSports (yes, triathletes!) Ryan McGuigan and Mike Montoya tried to see if they could hang with the roadies in Gila and they did not disappoint. McGuigan was 2nd in the Interloop road race, 3rd in the time trial, and 4th in the Gila Monster road race ranking him 2nd overall for the Cat 4/5’s. Montoya’s triathlon background came in handy at the time trial where he was first for the Cat 4/5’s. Not to shabby for some TriGreeks!

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