Bringing in 2011 – Rubber side down

By Seton
December 30, 2010 on 4:13 pm | In Giving Back, Sponsorship | No Comments

Here is a great piece on the Racing Cycling Club and Team.  We stepped up as the title sponsor a little over a year ago and it has turned into a great thing for the community.  I will apologize in advance for the intro commercial….so now you know.

A Year of Excellence

By Debbie
December 22, 2010 on 4:36 pm | In Employee Adventures, Life at | No Comments just celebrated the end of the year with a party and our annual passing along of the commuter awards, as well as crowning our 2010 Employee of the Year.  The end of the year is a fun time for us.  Everyone is in the holiday spirit, we have our Secret Santas scurrying around leaving gifts and it’s 80 degrees in December (sorry to rub that in if you are somewhere cold)!

Our commuter program rewards employees who ride to work with credits towards equipment for their bikes, and boy do they ride!  We are on track to break 44,000 miles this year, up almost 10,000 from 2009.  Awesome!  We have some cool awards custom-made by CEO Seton Claggett that are passed along each year to the employee who travels the most miles and the employee who makes the most trips.  Long-time Warehouse Fulfillment employee Steve Moore-Miller took home the distance trophy this year, with Tom Demerly, our master of TriSports University, winning for the most trips.  These guys are amazing, as are all of the crew here who put the miles on their bikes instead of their cars each day.

Tom Demerly & Steve Moore-Miller are commuting kings!

Tom Demerly & Steve Moore-Miller are commuting kings!

Now, we have many, and I mean many, fantastic employees.  Four years ago, we began selecting an Employee of the Year because, even among all the great folks who work here, there is always that one stand-out, that one person who exemplifies all of our core values, does everything with a smile, and would basically get run over by a bus for  OK, maybe not the bus part, but you get the idea!  The cool part is that every one of the employees chosen as an Employee of the Year are still here at working to always give you an excellent customer experience.  This year, that person is Matt Duffin.  Matt has been with our company since August of 2006 , starting in Order Fulfillment, moving to Receiving and now holds a Buyer position.  He tackles any job, regardless of how difficult or mundane it might seem, he is a self-starter who looks for ways to improve existing processes and works well with everyone.  We are extremely proud to have Matt on our team!  Congratulations, Matt!

Employees of the Year (from left to right) - Matt Duffin (2010), Alison Kablack (2009), Zachary Crumbo (2008) & Bobby Thomas (2007)

Employees of the Year (from left to right) - Matt Duffin (2010), Alison Kablack (2009), Zachary Crumbo (2008) & Bobby Thomas (2007)

Guess The New TriSports Sponsored Athlete!

By Jaclyn A.
December 21, 2010 on 5:20 pm | In Sponsorship | 3 Comments

Can you guess who the new sponsored professional athlete is?

Sponsored Athlete

Ok, fine. I’ll give you a few clues.

She had the fastest bike split at four of the eight 70.3 races she did this year.

She is not an American, eh.

She is spending her winter training in beautiful Tucson, Arizona.

Sponsored Athlete

Go ahead, take a guess!

LeMond Revolution Indoor Trainer

By Andy E.
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First introduced at Interbike 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada – the LeMond Revolution Indoor Trainer was one of the hottest and unique products at the bicycle industry’s annual convention.  And for good reason – the engineering genius and innovative design sets the Revolution apart from any other bike trainer on the market.

The Revolution employs “High Inertia” technology that mimics a bicycle in motion.  The inertia, coupled with a solid feel and smooth ride actually feels like you’re on the road.  The “Direct Drive” system eliminates the need for a rear wheel and progressively generates wind resistance that enhances the road sensation.

The Revolution is the official bike trainer of Team Garmin-Transitions.  It comes in two models:  one with and one without a SRAM/Shimano compatible cassette (a Campy adapter is available).  Plus, it can be used with a road or mountain bike.  You can get the Revolution at – the exclusive online retailer of the LeMond Revolution Indoor Trainer!

Learn more at TriSports University.

LeMond Revolution Indoor Trainer

LeMond Revolution Indoor Trainer

GU Performance Energy Sampler Pack

By Andy E.
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Now you can have the fuel to go the distance with the GU Performance Energy Sampler Pack.  Making nutritional supplements for endurance athletes is what GU does best.  And, now with their energy sampler pack, you get everything needed to perform at peak level.

  • 9 GU Energy Gels
  • 3 GU Roctane Gels
  • 2 GU Chomp Packets
  • 2 GU Electrolyte Brew Packets
  • 1 GU Recovery Brew Packet

GU puts it all together…serious nutrition for serious athletes.

GU Performance Energy Sampler Pack

GU Performance Energy Sampler Pack

Cobb Wrist Relief Carbon Aero Extensions

By Mike O.
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Cobb Cycling wrist relief carbon aero extensions are designed to give your forearms and wrists a more natural and comfortable feel.  Tweaked in the wind tunnel the wrist relief carbon aero extensions will  give you the aerodynamic edge in the aero postion.

The extensions are 22.2mm in size and will fit most bars including Zipp, 3T, and Profile Design.  Extensions are drilled for internal cable routing.

Cobb Wrist Relief Carbon Aero Extensions

Cobb Wrist Relief Carbon Aero Extensions

2010 Chili and Salsa Showdown

By Seton
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Today the Fun Squad hosted the 1st Annual Chili and Salsa Showdown.  We had 14 entries (3 in the Chili Division and 11 in the Salsa Division).  The rules were simple – make the best damn chili and salsa – a tall order living in Tucson.  The stakes, however, were very high with huge bragging rights for the entire next year that you are the king or queen of the Chili and Salsa Showdown.  Although I was pretty sure I my batch of Salsa and Chili would take the crown I lost my battle to two worthy opponents. 1st Annual Chili and Sals Showdown 1st Annual Chili and Salsa Showdown

Salsa Awards: 1st Place – Robbie, 2nd Place – Seton(Debbie was my stand in), 3rd Place – Alison

Chili Awards: 1st Place – Sarah, 2nd Place – Seton, 3rd Place – Jeff (Bobby standing in)

Grand Champion – Robbie (Proudly wearing his Gold Sombrero)

Professional Triathlete Charisa Wernick Reflects on Her Rookie Year

By Jaclyn A.
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I often joke with my mom by telling her that I am going to quit my job, move in with her, and try to become a professional triathlete (she doesn’t think this is very funny). While this is something my training buddies and I joke about frequently we all know for the most part it is just a dream. For some lucky people this dream does become a reality, and this year was Charisa Wernick’s year. The 2010 season was a new chapter in Charisa’s triathlon book as she ditched her age-group status for the title of Professional Triathlete. Charisa put together a challenging race schedule consisting of 12 triathlons, from sprint to Ironman, San Diego to Lake Placid, this girl raced all over the country with a smile on her face (no really, she’s always smiling). I caught up with Charisa today to find out how she thought her rookie year went, and what it was like racing as a professional. 

5th place Ironman Wisconsin!

5th place Ironman Wisconsin!

What was it like making the jump from being an age-group athlete to a professional?  
The main difference was the amount of time you spend alone during a race. Since I do not come from a strong swimming background, I often come out of the water a little behind the top girls, so I automatically have my work cut out for me in order to catch up. Chasing someone up the road who you can see on the bike is much easier than chasing someone you can not see. 

What was your biggest concern?
My biggest concern was that I keep racing and training fun. I did not want the jump to pro to turn triathlon into a “job” – even though it does in many ways. I wanted to make sure I still had a love for the sport and that it was very much still a reason for why I was racing.

What was your favorite race?
Alcatraz. Jumping off the boat into cold water is nothing but thrilling. Since I tend to do better in longer races, racing a shorter race as a pro also put me a bit outside my comfort zone. I loved it. 

What was the highlight of your year?
The highlight of my year was finishing 5th at Ironman Wisconsin with my 96-year-old Grandma there cheering along with my cousins. Words don’t even describe how awesome this was.

What was the best lesson you learned this year?
Do not ever give up. At Buffalo Springs 70.3 I had a horrible bike and came off the bike last place pro female -Run @ Oceanside there were 16 of us. I ran myself into 6th that day and was glad I didn’t give up.

If there was one think about the year you could go back and change what would it be?
My stomach feeling awful at Ironman Cozumel on the bike and run. I have no idea if it was some sort of bacteria or just from the heat, but trying to race hard when your stomach is not happy is less than ideal. 

What are you looking forward to in 2011?
I’m planning to race a couple races in Europe and I’m really excited about this. I’m also hoping to continue improving and moving on up the podium. Always fun to chase those goals.

 Keep up with Charisa’s adventure by reading her blog! It’s awesome, and her very nice hubby always chases her around at races taking great pictures!

Manzella Vapor Running Gloves

By Andy E.
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Do your hands get cold…I mean really cold?  Well, the next time it happens to you - slip on a pair of Manzella Vapor Running Gloves to keep them warm and toasty.

They’re made with a 4-way stretch polyester-Lycra microfiber material that blocks the wind and gives you dexterity when it’s needed.  The fleece-lined interior and elastic cuff trap warm air for guaranteed maximum comfort.

These gloves have hi-viz accents and are surrounded with reflective print for optimum visibility.  And, the palms have rubberized (reflective) print for a non-slip grip.  So, here’s the bottom line – they’re great for running, walking, cycling or any outdoor activity that takes out into the cold!

And, if the hi-viz gloves aren’t your thing – they come in a black/gray color, too!

Manzella Vapor Running Gloves

Manzella Vapor Running Gloves Tucson Training Destination Specialist

By Erik J.
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Gail Leveque, Tucson Training Destination Specialist

Gail Leveque, Tucson Training Destination Specialist

It’s official. I have the best job ever!

 Ok, maybe not… is, after all, still a j-o-b with a boss and a time clock…..but, as far as jobs go, being the Tucson Training Destination Specialist for is a pretty sweet gig.

 Tucson, AZ is well-known as the Winter Training Capital and has been named Triathlete Magazine’s #1 place for a multisporter to live. If that isn’t enough, Tucson is also home to; THE triathlon gear shop, created for triathletes, by triathletes. In addition to the online mega-store, the TriSports Retail Store is a full service triathlon shop with an experienced staff of triathletes, cyclists, runners and swimmers just waiting for you to stop in.

 So how do I fit in? What exactly does a TTDS do? Well, if you are a coach planning a Winter Training Camp for your athletes or a group or individual looking to enjoy a fabulous training vacation, I am your new best friend. Available to help you with information about cycling routes, running trails, swimming pools, lodging options and just about anything else an endurance traveler might need; I’ve got a database full of resources and the experience to assist you in putting together the best training trip ever!

 If it’s related to helping you or your athletes escape the cold and snow and enjoy all the awesomeness that is Tucson winter training……give me a call, that’s my job!

 Yeah, it’s tough…..but somebody’s got to do it. J

 Interested in learning more about winter training in Tucson? Contact the Tucson Training Destination Specialist at

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