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By Seton
July 13, 2010 on 2:07 pm | In Product Information | 1 Comment

Every week at we have product training.  Sometimes we have reps, but we are fortunate enough that most of the time we get the head hanchos from the companies we represent online and on our retail floor.  Last week we had Michael Folan, the co-founder of Infinit Nutrition.  Infinit is an interesting company as they make custom drinks for endurance athletes.  We got with them about a year ago and had them brew up some mix that we felt would best help the majority of our customers – you can find it here.

Infinit Nutrition - Ride Formula

Infinit Nutrition - Ride Formula

During his talk he made one of the boldest claims I have ever heard a manufacturer make – “Take our Ride formula on a long ride – doesn’t matter how long, 2, 3, 6 hours, doesn’t matter and you won’t get hungry – all you will need is our drink and some water”.  Okay, I have been in this sport for over two decades and I have ridden tens of thousands of miles and have had my share of epic rides.  This guy was nuts and I was more than happy to put his ridiculous claim to the test.  Here are the parameters of the test:

1) Get out of shape (been working at this for 12-months) – this will definitely prove him wrong because when I am out of shape I get even more hungry when I ride.

2) Do the test in the town that is known for testing really good bad ideas – Las Vegas.

Las Vegas - the mother of starting really good bad ideas.

Las Vegas - the mother of starting really good bad ideas.

3) Don’t ride too hard so you just get super hungry – this will definitely prove him wrong.

4) Make sure it is blazing hot – yeah, like pushing 110 degrees.

5) Ride about 80 miles and be out there for a total time of almost 6 hours (this includes stops, flats, etc).

6) Eat a smaller breakfast than normal for a long ride.

Certainly with all 6 of these testing parameters the Infinit Nutrition Ride Formula was bound to fail and prove Mr. Folan wrong. So, there were three of us that did the ride – and two of us only used water and Infinit Ride formula for the entire ride.  The verdict….drum roll……neither of us got hungry.  I was absolutely blown away – not only did I not get hungry, I didn’t cramp either (typically on a ride like this I would need to supplement with salt pills).  This product is the real deal and I recommend it to anyone not in my age-group.

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