CW-X Insulator StabilyX Support Tights

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The CW-X Insulator Stabilyx Support Tights provide optimum targeted support to the core and knees.  The patented Support Web bands together the muscles and ligaments of the lower leg to stabilize the knee and reduce vibration for increased efficiency during activites with lateral motion.  Add to the Support Web variable compression and you minimize lactic acid build-up by increasing circulation which will allow you to be active longer and recover faster.

Working out in cold weather has many challenges, but with the added DiAPLEX wind proof, water repellant front panel of the CW-X Insulator Stabilyx Support Tights, you will be able to push harder and go further without the nagging cold and wet weather biting at your heels.  Add a pair of Newton’s Motion All Weather shoes and you are good to go – no matter what mother nature is throwing at you!

CW-X Insulator StabilyX Support Tights is gear that gets used!

Supporting Kids in Triathlon

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We have a hard time saying “no” to anything a kid requests from us, as long as it is within reason.  Kids are the future of this sport and, as we all know, the incidence of childhood obesity is increasing at an alarming rate as kids sit on computers, play games and watch mindless TV.  The fact that there are kids out there who are embracing triathlon is promising, and we want to support that. helping others give back

Christian's group getting ready to start

There is a 5th grade teacher in New Jersey named Christian who has been a customer of ours since way back in the early days.  He came to me with the request of some small items for his students because he had started a running club, as well as organizing a small triathlon for any of the kids who wanted to give a tri a try.  He explained that the kids got excited about the smallest things, even his empty PowerBar boxes!  Since we usually have a large box filled with samples and promo items we have received, I went through that and sent him a bunch of goodies.  This has since become a tradition, and we have also started sending him our unused race numbers, finisher medals and awards from the Deuces Wild Triathlon Festival so that he can continue to offer these great activities at little or no cost.  Christian’s drive and desire to get kids involved in a healthy lifestyle is heroic in my eyes as he is setting them up to be healthy, goal-oriented individuals for the rest of their lives.

Alex the demolition man

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One of the biggest compliments we get from people when they are in our retail store is the register counters. They are quite impressive – over 60 feet of custom concrete counter tops. After being in the space for three years, we learned that they are great for serving food but take up a bit too much space in our retail floor.  Along with the rest of our retail remodel, these counters got a nice visit from a man named Alex – Alex the Demolition Man.  It is sad to see them go, but the steel and drywall are being recycled and the actual counter top is going to be reused in a separate phase of construction. 

Alex the Demo Man

Alex the Demo Man

Louis Garneau Diamond Road Helmet

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The Louis Garneau Diamond Road Helmet is a bold breakthrough in road helmet design.  The LG Diamond has an incredible 40 vents to help keep your head cool.  The most notable of the 40 vents are the 8 Venturi Vents at the front of the helmet that allow for maxium ventilation. To keep your head safe during a crash, LG’s Super MSB (Monocoque Structural Base) technology was developed by Louis Garneau.  MSB is a ring shaped band of plastic that reinforces the helmets perimeter and wraps the head completely. Complimenting the MSB base are microplastic inserts that spread the shock of an impact to a larger surface to improve durability and protection in a crash. Finally, the composite reinforcement of a true skeleton further spreads out the shock of an impact.

The LG Diamond road helmet is very comfortable to wear and is fully adjustable by means of the Spiderlock Elite system that allows for one-handed rear fit adjustment. Additionally, the LG Diamond road helmet weighs in at only 285g!  This is also the helmet that Chrissie Wellington wore during her victorious Kona campaign in 2009.

The Louis Garneau Diamond Road Helmet is gear that gets used!

Building for the Community

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A whole crew of our staff donned hard hats and tool belts and headed out to our sponsored house on January 9th to continue work on a home being built by Habitat for Humanity.  Back on September 11th, Nik and I went out to Building Freedom Day and began construction on this home.  Four months later and it looks like a house!  This time we had 6 other staff members and a friend along to help.  Our goal was to get the home ready for stucco, so out came the rolls of chicken wire and we got busy.  In the 6 hours we had to work on the house (which goes by SO fast when you are working hard), we got it completely wrapped, plus Betty, Alison and myself got all the cracks in the eaves caulked up.  Pretty good work!  It took a lot of cutting, hammering and snipping to get everything just right. 

Nik & Debbie hammering away | Betty working on the details

Nik & Debbie hammering away | Betty working on the details

We love to be involved in our community, and Habitat for Humanity gives us an opportunity to truly make a difference in a local family’s life.  What is also great is that the family is required to put in a set number of hours working on their own home, so along with the pride of ownership, the get the pride of knowing that they helped to build their own home.  One of our foremen was telling us that the  Habitat houses are so well-built that the home inspectors here in Tucson say that if they were having a home built, they would want us volunteers out there building it.  I think most of that comes from the fact that we do it because we want to and we believe in the cause (and because we likely put in 5 nails for every one that a professional contractor would!).  So if you are looking for a way to help in your community, but don’t have a ton of extra time, consider getting in touch with your local Habitat for Humanity office and help build someone’s future.

The whole crew in front of our house (from left: Nik, Alison, Scott, Kim, Susan, Charlie, Betty, Sarah & me)

The whole crew in front of our house (from left: Nik, Alison, Scott, Kim, Susan, Charlie, Betty, Sarah & me)

Bicycle Bar Tape Installation

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As of this post, has made over 170 videos available on TV.  We have tons of product information, behind the scenes footage with our pro cycling team, and much more.  Arguably, the video with the best feedback from our customers from around the world is our Bicycle Bar Tape Insallation Video.  If you haven’t seen it, here it is – a must for every DIY cyclist.

TRIFEST 2010 – It’s coming…

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Where will you be in March? I highly recommend a trip to Tucson. Why? TRIFEST 2010 of course. The Retail Store is now the official headquarters for TRIFEST 2010 where we have 3 weekends of events planned geared towards getting you ready for the racing season. The month’s festivities kick-off with a 2 day educational conference covering various topics to ensure you get your season started on the right foot. This year’s conference is free to the general public so you may attend only the seminars that you are interested in! If you are a USAT coach or a member of the ACSM, you have the option to pay a small fee and earn CEU’s at our conference. Each weekend our retail showroom will play host to our vendor showcase where our top vendors will have hands-on product demo’s and give-aways. But it isn’t all work and no play –we also have group rides and runs planned to make sure you experience the best of winter training in Tucson. Learn more on the TRIFEST 2010 website  as we will be updating information frequently!

See you in March!

Where in the world is

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I like surprises.  I think it is nice when something unexpected happens – obviously as long as that surprise is a positive experience.  For example, I had never had a surprise birthday party until this past year.  I was completely caught off-guard and was more than grateful to the people involved in planning and attending.   As a more recent example, I was given a small Christmas gift from someone who I never expected anything from.  I was very touched.  In both of these examples, the surprises were planned in advance and showed me that these people cared enough to make it happen.

Over the years, our small triathlon company here has grown into a large triathlon company but we are so small in the grand scheme of the world in which we live in.  One of my favorite surprises here at is seeing the unsolicited support of our customers around the world.  Our customers are spreading the good word of without our knowledge.  When I first started with the company over 6 years ago, I most likely knew everyone wearing a T-Shirt or logo on their tri top but now that has changed dramatically.  Now I see and hear all over.  I have traveled a fair amount this year and here are my favorite surprises from the road:

  • Decal in Baltimore Safeway Parking Lot (2000 miles from Tucson) – It was cold.  There was snow on the ground.  I was making a quick grocery store run.  I get out of the car, start rushing toward the entrance and then stop in my tracks.  The car I parked next to had a Decal on their back window.  Just so random – it made my day.
  • Quebec Customer (2300 miles from Tucson) – Part of my job is meeting with vendors and sometimes visiting their facilities.  I can tell you that almost trip visiting a vendor results in a conversation from one of their employees talking to me about how they order from us.  It makes me smile and it is always unexpected even though it happens almost every time.  I picked Quebec for this example because it just happens to be the most recent example.
  • Uniform at the Laguna Phuket Triathlon (9100 miles from Tucson) – When I was in Thailand this past month, one of the biggest triathlons in Asia was going on – the Laguna Phuket Triathlon.  Just before the swim start, I catch a quick glance of Mr. Race Number 150.  See picture below.  I have no idea who this gentleman is, but he was sporting the colors on the other side of the globe.  The race was about to begin so I was not able to introduce myself.

Thanks to all you out there helping us build the and making us proud – especially you Mr. Race Number 150.

XLab’s Torpedo Mount Front Hydration System

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The XLab Torpedo Front Hydration Bottle System is the newest hydration system from the hydration guru’s at XLab.  The XLab Torpedo mount enables riders to have a front mounted hydration system that reduces front area bottle drag by up to 68% compared to other front mount hydration bottle systems.  The XLab Torpedo mount utilizes a carbon fiber base plate that weighs only 25g and is secured to aero bars by 4 straps with silicone grips for ultra secure installation.  The straps are adjustable to fit bars that are 9-14 cms apart.  To acheive the lowest drag possible utilize the Xlab Torpedo Cage that mounts onto the XLab Torpedo mount along with your favorite water bottle or give the Camelbak Podium Chill bottle a try.

XLab Torpedo Mount

XLab Torpedo Mount

The XLab Torpedo front hydration system is gear that gets used!

New Bike Fit Area

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Here is a our architects rendition of what the outside of our new bike department will look like.  Right now the space is just a bunch of metal studs; however, progress is happening fast in order to meet our deadline!

New Bike Department Area

New Bike Department Area

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