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One of the most used phrases here at TriSports.com is “Ride Your Bike” or RYB.  Sounds simple enough but the command itself is also the answer to many of life’s problems and excuses.

  • I don’t feel good.  RYB
  • I am not fast.  RYB
  • I am tired.  RYB
  • I am lonely.  RYB
  • I don’t know how to swim.  RYB

With all the media focus on the weather during the past several weeks and how it has made travel a nightmare for some folks, I present you this video.  RYB baby – no excuses.

And in the spirit of bike riding, I also present you one of the hottest bikes out there right now, the new Litespeed Archon C1

TriSports.com Family.

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With Christmas on the horizon, TriSports.com is officially closed both today and tomorrow so that our employees can spend time with their families.  This time of year is always a time of transition – a time when we reflect on the past year and a time when we ponder what the next year will bring.  When I think back on the year here at TriSports.com, my thoughts revolve completely around the great staff we have here running the machine.  Much of the work here is done behind the scenes and goes unnoticed.  Employees are not always openly acknowledged.  As a member of the management team, I wanted to take the time and space in this blog to thank the entire staff of TriSports.com for all their hard work over the past year.  I know all of you have worked hard to serve our customers. 

While we openly admit that we sometimes fail in meeting our high standards of service, it is the push to always be better that drives our company forward.  This drive has initiated some rather exciting projects that will be coming in 2010.  Stay tuned…

And from our family to yours, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

TriSports.com becomes the official store of UHC Pro Cycling

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TriSports.com has signed on once again to be the official store of the UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team presented by Maxxis (formerly the OUCH Pro Cyling Team). While this isn’t our official press release, at least you can say that you heard it here first. Last year the team had quite a bit of success and they are even stronger for 2010. This year you can expect more behind the scenes interviews and team updates coming from TriSports.com.

TriSports.com is the offical store of UHC Pro Cycling

TriSports.com is the offical store of UHC Pro Cycling

Get Active

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This holiday season, are you more focused on cookies than counting laps? Does your daily workout consist more of shoveling snow than pushing the cranks over? As endurance athletes, nothing can benefit us more than planning. Now is the perfect time to plan out your race season for 2010. Take time during your off-season to reflect on what went well in 2009 and ask yourself what your goals are for 2010. Are there specific races you have always dreamed of doing? Many of the most popular races fill up months in advance and many are open for registration now.

If you’re planning taking on a new challenge this next year, consider checking out the training plans offered through our website from Active Training. These simple, easy-to-use plans can help guide the athlete who needs just a little direction to finish races up to the half-ironman distance. These plans also happen to make excellent gifts for friends or family members who are interested in testing the waters, so to speak. What better gift to give than the encouragement and belief you can give another by helping them take their first step? Partnering with Active Training is just one more way TriSports.com has worked to provide you, the athlete, with all the tools you need for season after season of successful racing. You can access the training programs, or use the free online calendar to track your workouts by clicking on the “Training” tab on our top navigation:

Of course, if you’re interested in a personal coaching program, we support several high-quality coaching organizations through our sponsorship program. You can find them on our sponsorship website. These coaches are able to provide benefits to their athletes through TriSports.com on top of offering excellent service!

Reflections and Roller Skates:

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As the holiday season continues to move at a frantic pace here at TriSports.com I have to remind myself to take time and enjoy this crazy time of year. Stresses always seem greatest around the holidays and it is important not to lose perspective. One thing I try to do as the year ends, is to look back and remember the times the year has brought. Personally, 2009 was a crazy year filled with both highs and lows. Fortunately the good times win out by a huge margin.

My favorite TriSports.com memory this year (and there are lots to choose from) would have to be Adult Skate night. Every Thursday night Skate Country here is Tucson has Adult Skate night. I hadn’t been roller skating in over 7 years but what ensued was hilarity at its finest. All I can say is that you haven’t lived until you have made extended eye contact with a guy that looks like Bilbo Baggins skating backwards for a couple of laps. So if you ever in Tucson on a Thursday and looking for something fun to do. Lace up and roll out to Skate Country. Most likely someone from TriSports.com will be there. Till then have fun, relax, and enjoy the offseason. March is coming quicker than you think.

Chet aka The Jet at Skate Country

Chet aka The Jet at Skate Country

Unstoppable Gear

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The other night I decided to go for a nighttime trail run with some friends from the shop to try out my new Princeton Tec Fuel Headlamp. We met at Starr Pass right as dusk hit and set out on the trail. It had been storming all day, but we thought we might get lucky and get a quick 8 miler in. Half way through the run the bottom fell out. It was pitch black, with a nice mix of rain and hail, coming down at a ridiculous rate. We ran on being able to see surprisingly well. I never once missed a foot strike.

We were worried about hypothermia it was so cold. I was glad that I had remembered to put my Craft ProZero Extreme base layer on. After taking a couple of wrong turns we made it back to the trailhead parking lot, albeit with a 3 mile detour for a total of 11.2 miles. I couldn’t help but smile when the other guys were colder than I was, and had scoffed at me when I left the parking lot. While I may have looked overdressed starting our run, I was the only one whose core was still warm.


Tucson is top on Lance Armstrong’s list

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This past week we have had the privelage of having the new Radio Shack team – headed up by Lance Armstrong – in Tucson for their first team camp.  If you read our blog you know that we talk up Tucson quite a bit, but the proof is in the pudding.  Our pro cycling team (the one we sponsor) – United Health Care Pro Cycling Team presented by Maxxis will be having their team camp in Tucson as well.  Tucson is the Winter Training Capital of the US. Oh, if you look closely at this video you will see a TriSports.com jersey in the mix.

Putting Endurance First

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Ever since my epic bonk at Interbike I have been on the hunt for nutrition.  Admittedly I am very poor about refueling when riding.  I credit that to two factors.  The first is a lack of bike handling skills initially, that have put me in a habit of not eating or drinking for fear that I might break my face if I let go of the hoods.  The second is that everything I tried tasted ok but was a bit rough on the old stomach.  Nutrition is relative but for myself I have finally found a line of products that work for me….and the winner is…First Endurance.
After sampling all the major players in nutrition racket First Endurance comes out on top by producing a product that tastes good, works better, and has the highest absorption rate thereby having the best value.  Taste of course is a personal preference but value of the First Endurance product line is not.  In cruder words I am not peeing away my money by purchasing 10,000% of my daily intake of Vitamin C only for it to go to waste because my body cannot absorb it.  I could go on but why would you take my advice?  I am not a two time Ironman Champion.  Jordan Rapp is however and here is a video of him fresh off his victory at Ironman Arizona talking about his experience with First Endurance.  See more videos like this here.

The Sack Lunch Bunch

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This past Saturday had members of our staff, TriSports.com sponsored athletes, TriSports Cycling team members and family and friends working together to make 100 sack lunches for delivery to some of Tucson’s homeless population.  The sack lunch crew gathered at TriSports.com on Saturday morning to assemble the lunches consisting of a PB&J sandwich, fruit, a drink, chips, crackers and candy.  Some stalwart staff, Betty and Chet, pulled bike trailers loaded with the lunches, while Alison followed in her car with more to replenish once the trailers emptied.  The atmosphere was merry as we took off towards the first park.  We hit three parks, then took a trip to the Salvation Army’s Hospitality house to drop off the rest for their residents and temporary boarders. 

TriSports.com crew on their way to hand out lunches

TriSports.com crew on their way to hand out lunches

There is nothing more satisfying than the look on someone’s face when you hand them that lunch.  One gentleman kept telling us “You guys make our day!”  It was a beautiful, cool day and a great way to start out our weekend!  Thanks to all of those who participated!

Handing out lunch and chatting with some folks

Handing out lunch and chatting with some folks


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‘Tis the season to grow some facial hair! That’s right, it’s Decembeard at TriSports.com.  The rules are simple:

  1. Come to work clean shaven the day before Thanksgiving.
  2. Stop shaving your face.
  3. Continue growing your beard until December 22.  The person with the healthiest beard wins.

    Carving contest showdown - Zachary VS Seton

    Carving contest showdown - Zachary VS Seton

But wait…there’s more! Come to work on December 23 and enter the Carving competition – he (or she) with the best facial hair design wins (I am the 2-time undefeated champion of the world).  Hold on, there’s even more!  Go for the IronBeard competition – he who goes the longest without shaving their beard takes home this award.

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