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By Seton
September 22, 2009 on 10:03 am | In Random Musings | 1 Comment

Yeah, so, ummmm at the end of July I did an Ironman out at Lake Placid and after the event I started my recovery with the now famous Big Nasty. Since that time I have ridden a little bit but have not put a single yard in the pool or a single run step (I actually had an ankle issue before IMLP and didn’t run the two weeks leading up to that event either).  This past Sunday I did the Redman Olympic Triathlon (part of the TriSports.com Ultramax Championship weekend) in Oklahoma City.

Nick and Seton Showdown

Nick and Seton Showdown

Long story short, it was a painful lesson that training, even a little, is probably a good thing if you plan on racing.  Especially if the gray matter between your ears still has a ton of fight left when it comes to competing. 

Perfect dismount - except I forgot to take my feet out of my shoes.

Perfect dismount - except I forgot to take my feet out of my shoes.

My race was comprised of the fastest swim (to the first turn buoy, then it was a good effort in trying not to sink), a descent bike (thank goodness for commuting to work) and arguably the worst run I have had in about 10 years. I started that run and it literally felt like I picked up from where I left off at my Ironman race in July – it was awful.  Granted, I did expo all weekend and I was just racing for the fun of racing; the problem was that I made a bet with Nick (he’s in customer service and was at the expo as well).  He had a 15 minute handicap, but I can tell you that standing around rubbing cramps out of your legs and walking is a bad way to try and beat someone, even with a time handicap.  Thankfully we both made it to the finish line, and then continued our race of  helping pack up the expo.

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