The Commuters Corner – “Speed”

August 20, 2009 on 10:46 am | In Random Musings | 1 Comment

     Part two of the “Speed, Comfort, Safety” topic focuses on everyone’s top priority speed. Aldous Huxley penned it wonderfully when he said, “Speed provides the one genuinely modern pleasure.” Perhaps this is a symptom of a problem with humanity. But as the great Ricky Bobby said, “Who cares, I just wanna go fast”. If you are dead set on going faster but not ready or able to get a new machine here are some items that can make your commute go a little quicker.

     The first is the BlackBurn Delphi 4.0 Cycle computer. This will tell you how fast you are going but more importantly if you are going to slow. It is easy to lose focus starting out on the bike especially if you have a longer commute. A computer will help you maintain mental integrity so you don’t convince yourself that you’re working harder than you really are.

     The second item that you should invest in is a quality set of tires. The problem with commuting is that you may not be willing to lose flat protection to gain speed. Thankfully tires like the Michelin Pro Race 3 exist, which offer adequate puncture protection but also do not weigh more than 200 grams. Losing rotational weight makes you faster. Don’t believe me, ask me…….or google it. If you don’t mind pumping up your tires every time you ride get some of these as well.

     The third item I would recommend is the Oakley Thump Pro. I know someone is cringing out there because listening to music is the last thing you want to do on the bike. You need all your senses to protect yourself against less than attentive drivers but this is about being faster not being safer that’s next week. Why will these sunglasses make your faster? Well besides providing stellar optical clarity (I am not kidding, these lenses are crystal clear) you will also be able to forget your pain by focusing on something else, like music. Maybe there is a hill that is just killing you every time you ride. Put these babies on and throw down to some Spice Girls and watch how you climb up with ease. Probably not, but listening to music has proven to improve athletes endurance by 40%. Can’t argue with that.

     The biggest thing you can do to become faster is free, ride your bike. If you are not spending time on your bike consistently you are losing speed. So get out there and ride your bike or I’ll have Ricky Bobby put a cougar in your car.

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  1. Funny post…watch out for those Cougars!

    Comment by Seton — August 21, 2009 #

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