CEP Socks and Traveling

August 12, 2009 on 5:02 pm | In Product Information | 2 Comments

Our CEP rep told us about the wonders of the socks for both active and recovery purposes when he was here a few days ago. I have used them actively and for recovery after some of my harder efforts, and can definitely feel the positive effect these socks have on your body. The one thing I had not tried was travelling and wearing them. So many people claim that wearing recovery tights or socks, especially when flying, help them to feel less fatigued when they get to their destination. Luckily for me I had a 1484 mile drive planned to Montana for my brother’s wedding and figured this to be a great opportunity to see what kind of conclusions I would draw.
I drove 1200 miles the first day wearing the CEP socks. This took me 19 hours with breaks and lunch, etc. I pulled into Dillon, Montana and can honestly say I really didn’t feel that bad. I was tired, but mostly from being on the road since 5am and it was now 12am. My legs didn’t ache as they have in the past from sitting in cars for longer drives, they felt just fine.
I figured I needed a control here, so when I left Kalispell, Montana Sunday morning at 11am, I did not wear my socks. Well, I drove approximately 20 hours and when we changed drivers just north of Phoenix, I certainly felt worse. I was much more fatigued throughout my whole body, and in particular my legs.
The moral of the story for me here is to always make sure I am wearing my socks when travelling to and from events. If they can make such a great difference on just a relaxing vacation drive, I am sure they will make a positive difference when prepping for race day. I cannot wait until CEP gets the rest of their lineup into production and ready for sale in the spring. I will absolutely be jumping on that bandwagon.

Rollin’ in the CEP!


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  1. Killer legs Eric!!!

    Comment by Webster — August 13, 2009 #

  2. “The moral of the story for me here is to always make sure I am wearing my socks when travelling to and from events.”

    Yeah I agree, and this is proven and tested too on my part. I actually love to use CEP compression socks while travelling since they prevent swelling and makes me feel more comfortable than when I didn’t wear any socks.

    Comment by Cathyrin — April 4, 2013 #

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