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July 14, 2009 on 12:20 pm | In Random Musings | 1 Comment

There is something I need to confess, I know that doing this on a public blog probably isn’t the place but I think it needs to be done. Drum roll….I am no longer a swimmer. There, I did it. That’s right, for many years of my triathlon life I was masked as a swimmer doing triathlons. I would go to master’s swim practice and unload the pain with the other fast master’s swimmers. Over the last couple of years I have taken time out of the pool and now fully realize that I am no longer a swimmer. I am now a triathlete with a swimming background.

My first Ironman in 1999 - top 5 in the swim

My first Ironman in 1999 - top 5 in the swim

As a kid I swam on one of the best club teams in the world and we literally had the best coaches in the world (David Marsh, Bob Bowman, Rowdy Gaines, etc.). As with most age-group swimmers we swam 2-3 times/day 6 days/week and cranked out up to 80,000 yards per week. Now days my swimming is down to a meager 8,000-10,000 yards per week. When I go to practice my master’s teammates call me out, wanting to bring out the swimmer in me – the one they knew just a couple years ago. It is not even worth explaining to them that I am exhausted from my 4-hour ride up to 8,000′ on Mt. Lemmon earlier that morning. I am less than two weeks out from my next Ironman (Lake Placid) and am finally in the taper phase. If my Monday swim workout is any indication, my teammates in the pool will, at least for one day, get a piece of the swimmer in me on Friday.

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  1. Seton,

    Glad that you think of yourself as a triathlete now and not a swimmer. Although, judging from the way you climbed up and then descended Mt Lemmon earlier this year, I would call you a cyclist!

    Steve Fleck

    Comment by Steve Fleck — July 17, 2009 #

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