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April is coming to a close and that means it is the end of another month of commuting here at  I just wanted to give our entire staff a big shout out.  We will end the month just over 3,300 miles ridden to work.  That is a new record for us.  Our staff has really made the commitment to riding their bikes to work.  Last year, we rode 25,000 miles as company and we are on track to destroy that number for 2009.  I am proud to be a member of this staff that makes an effort to be healthy, enjoy the outdoors and preserve our environment.

Several of our own vendors make the same effort and some of them even promote it with their products – check out this jersey from Craft (Mens or Womens).

When Others Give Back

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One of the key beliefs at is that it is important to put our time and resources back into the sport of triathlon.  We currently offer support to over 80 athletes, 75 clubs and 60 races world-wide.  What is even more rewarding than our own giving is when you see those you have supported taking their turn on the giving wheel.

This week I received a press release from our friend John – the race director of the Desert Classic Duathlon and  VP of the Phoenix Tri Club – stating that the Phoenix Tri Club just donated four Barska high powered spotting telescopes to McDowell Mountain Regional Park (the venue of the duathlon).  Thanks Phoenix Tri Club for your contribution to that wonderful park – it is great to know that our giving helps to allow others to pay it forward! 

Official Press Release Below:


Phoenix, AZ, 4/27/2009: Co-Race Director, John Lierle announced today that the Phoenix Triathlon Club, producers of the Desert Classic Duathlon has donated four Barska high powered spotting telescopes to McDowell Mountain Regional Park, the host venue for the February multi-sport event. Park Supervisor, Rand Hubble, accepted the donation on behalf of McDowell Mountain Regional Park, part of the Maricopa County Regional Park system.

Mr. Hubble said the park will use the telescopes as part of their ongoing educational program. Park rangers will set up the telescopes at various locations throughout the park so visitors can view the diverse desert wildlife that exists in the park. The first stop for the new scopes was on a park trail to observe a nest of newborn owlets.

Mr. Lierle stated “We continue to enjoy a great relationship with McDowell Mountain Park which has hosted the Desert Classic Duathlon for over twelve years. It is an honor for us to donate these spotting scopes so park visitors can experience the rich desert habitat that our race participants enjoy every February.”

McDowell Mountain Regional Park is nestled in the lower Verde River basin; the 21,099-acre park is a desert jewel in the northeast Valley. Elevations in the park rise to 3,000 feet along the western boundary at the base of the McDowell Mountains. Visitors enjoy a full program schedule, over 50 miles of multiuse trails, and spectacular views of the surrounding mountain ranges. A stroll through the park will allow visitors to likely see deer, javelina, birds, and coyotes.


John Lierle and Rand Hubble at McDowell Mountain Regional Park

Rim Depth and Flats

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Tired from changing you tires?   Maybe you’re not just weak.  Maybe it is your equipment. Some rims are more difficult to change tires on than others.  For instance I am riding a set of Mavic Krysium Sl wheels right now and it is ridiculously easy to change tires on these rims.  Another set of wheels that I own with the same exact tires I really dread changing tires on.  What is the difference you ask?  Well the biggest difference is the amount of drop in the center of the rim.  The deeper the drop the more you can pull the tire over the opposite side of the rim.  You can see in the first picture the drop is about 6.5mm and in the second picture the drop is about 5mm.  

6.5mm Rim Center Drop

6.5mm Rim Center Drop

5.0mm Rim Center Drop

5.0mm Rim Center Drop

Obviously the first rim would be easier to change. A wider drop area in the rim will also influence how difficult your rim is to change tires.  I have owned both extremes and I can tell you any time I shop for a wheel set in the future the drop center of the rim will be a major consideration.  The type of rim strip can also play a role.  Cotton rim strip is thicker than most synthetic rim strips, therefore it takes up more room inside the rim making the tire more difficult to change.  Plastic strips are stiff and often don’t conform to the rims contours and also take up excess volume in the rim.  Another equipment variable is the tires you use, generally speaking a wire beaded tire will be more difficult to install than a Kevlar beaded tire.  Big surprise the Kevlar tire is also more expensive, but worth the money when it comes time to changing your flat!  Finally, I leave you with a video on how to change your flat tire:

Protection from the Sun

April 24, 2009 on 5:06 pm | In Product Information, Random Musings | No Comments is proud to announce that we have formed a partnership with Oakley. Oakley has been around since the mid-seventies. They definitely know their sunglasses. Their quality is unsurpassed. Their optics are exceptional and their history speaks volumes about them. Professionals throughout the world in various sports choose Oakley for various reasons but one thing I know is they are my first choice for eyewear.

Before I go too far, let me step back a bit. I first came across Oakley via their grips. Yes I know, that was a long time ago. I remember getting the Oakley grips and putting them on my BMX bike and feeling like I had the coolest bike on the block. I remember riding everyday after school all that week and going out on all the trails. Oh to have those days back.

Oakley Grips

Oakley Grips

Oakley has had various innovations in their sunglasses that has always made them stand out. Perhaps one of the innovations that stands out for me is Unobtainium. This is actually the term given to the increase in grip when the rubber piece gets sweat on it from human skin. Yes it is a chemical process. One of the reasons this innovation stands out for me is because, now this is mostly for those who have children, on this Cartoon called Fairly Odd Parents, the main character sometimes gets visited by a creature from the planet Unobtainium. Everytime I see one of those episodes, I always think about my grips I had back in the day.

Perhaps one of the most important features of Oakley’s is their optics. The vision through them is exceptional. They really do make a difference. If you have a chance to compare them to another brand please do so. You will see how much distortion is caused by sunglasses. Oakley has some comparisons on their site you can also check out. They are eye openers if you do not think there is a difference in optics.

Oakley Radar Path Chrome Sunglasses

Oakley Radar Path Chrome Sunglasses

Whatever your reason maybe to have a pair of Oakley’s, they are definitely worth the money. They are stylish, optics are excellent, they have quality materials and fit is very comfortable. It is the details that make Oakley stand out. Find out why so many professional athletes choose Oakley.


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The weather has turned warm this week in Tucson.  We have hit the mid 90s almost everyday this week and us locals know this is just a small taste of what the summer months will be bringing us soon enough.  Oddly enough, I don’t mind the heat.  I grew up in Arizona in a city where the weather was even hotter than Tucson and our friends up in the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix).  There is nothing like getting a good training session in during the summer months when you are forced to get out in the cooler early morning weather.

But what happens when you can’t beat the heat because you are racing long???

I remember watching the Ironman World Championships in 2007 on the streets in Kona, Hawaii.  As the crowd waited for the leaders to head out on the run, a white ghost appeared.  A big, white ghost with a funny name – Torbjorn Sindballe.  The man was dressed head to toe in white.  It was triathlon’s first big exposure to the world of body temperature regulation.  Since that day, athletes from around the globe have been waiting for an opportunity to get their hands on a product that has been proven to increase performance by helping regulate body temperature.

Craft and are now proud to annouce an exclusive partnership that brings this technology to athletes searching for a answer to battling extreme temperatures.  The Craft Kona Kit will be available this summer, but pre-orders are being taken now because quantities are limited.  Once they are sold, they are gone.  If you plan on racing this summer and will be battling the sun in addition to the race itself, trust Craft’s proven proCOOL technology for your race needs.

What Would You Give Up?

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Have you ever been asked: “If you had to choose between seeing and hearing, which would you choose?”  It is an interesting question that makes you think hard about what it is you truly value – the sight of a beautiful sunset versus the calming sound of a gentle rain.  I’ve often thought about this question without a suitable answer.  Truth is I don’t really want to give either up.
So what about swimming, biking or running?  If you had to give one up, what would it be?  This answer used to be automatic for me – swimming.  I love to run and the freedom the bike gives you is second to none, so swimming is my default throw-away of the three.  No big deal really, who really “wants” to swim anyway?  I found out today that maybe I do.
 Often times, I am lucky enough to get away at lunch to go for a swim.  It’s like a special treat – my own little vaction in the middle of the day where no emails can reach me for a good 45 minutes.  Today I had the bonus of riding my bike over to the pool since I commuted in. (And you wonder why we were voted the best place to work).  As I pulled back in the parking lot to return to my office, I got to thinking about how much I actually enjoy swimming.  I’m really not very good at it and spend a lot of time avoiding it (possibly why I’m not very good at it) but on a hot day in April, nothing really feels much better than the cool water on your skin.
I’ve had to give up running and biking before to let injuries heal, but I have never had to give up swimming.  I was told this week that I will have to give up swimming for a full month after I have a procedure done to correct my vision.  Without hesitation and even a second thought, I delayed the procedure as long as possible so I can swim through the summer.  So this complicates my answer to which sport I would give up if I had to.  I think the truth is I really don’t want to give any of them up.  After all, I have chosen swimming over my vision for the next few months!

PS – you can get the above sticker (minus the red cross out) on our website!  Let everyone know you choose all three sports!

Urban Assult

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This weekend Tucson and hosted its first Urban Assault Ride! What’s that you say? Rockin’ Event! In their words…

The Urban Assault Ride™ is the biggest bike scavenger hunt series in the world! You and a teammate will take to the streets on a city-wide bike adventure. Plot your own course to checkpoints around town where you’ll take on physical and mental obstacle courses. Be the 1st team to hit all the checkpoints and you’ll win a pair of New Belgium Brewing cruiser bikes (and be the first team to the beer tent 😉

The event is well known for its funky obstacle courses which must be completed before moving on. We’re talking modified Big Wheels, Bike Jousting, The Keg Walk, Inflatable Slides…and much more. Obstacles change every year and at every UAR. It’s a killer event for anybody who can pedal a bike (ages 7 and up). After the fun at the checkpoints there’s a ragin’ after party with a huge prize raffle and plenty of New Belgium beer. Check out their website here! was the big wheel station host. Like always we went all out with flags, music….even bathrooms ;), which were a big hit. Our own Seton C. and his teammate managed to take first male team and third overall! Next year it is on!

Go Get Lost

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This past weekend I was out on my long run in search of the famous Bart’s Loop here in the foothills of Tucson.  Well, Bart’s Loop is comprised of about 50 different turns onto different streets, so it’s not one of those runs you can just tell someone “yeah, just go down the street and hang a left”.  Nope, this is a run that you have to do with a veteran and get it memorized (yeah, yeah, I know I could download the directions but that kind of takes away the fun of this run).   Well, I have never done the run, well except for playing sag one time on my mountain bike w/ a Burley trailer and my 2-year old in the back; needless to say I wasn’t able to keep up with the runners (little kids like to take a lot of snack breaks).  Sorry, getting off topic….so, I take off on my run and needless to say I take a wrong turn within a couple miles.  I decide at this point that I am just going to run a bit, mind you this is an incredibly hilly run, and see where I end up.  Next thing I know I find this random trail that is somewhat hidden off of the road.  This is a great trail and goes for a couple miles.  So, here I am lost and I stumble upon an incredible trail that goes right through the desert! 

Go get good and lost!

Go get good and lost!

Humans are creatures of habit, but I can tell you, as an athlete, the best habit you can have is getting out of your normal routine of riding/running the same streets and go get yourself good and lost.  Okay, not that lost, but at least go exploring that new road and new trail, you never know what you may find!

See you on the roads and trails…maybe not, I may be lost!

Earth Day 2009

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Earth Day is April 22. Every year I use this time to see what I can do to be more green. Some of the things I do now are: I commute to work, I walk to the store for groceries, I use all florescent lights at home and I have even unplugged my electric toothbrush after a few minutes of charging.

Earth Day 2009

Earth Day 2009

I feel like I have been green for a good part of my life. I remember when I was in 3rd or 4th grade and our class was talking about Earth Day and what we can do to help the environment. I remember being the only one coming up with suggestions. My teacher saw that I was so excited about this and she said that we were going to start an Environment club. All of the sudden I was nominated to be the president of this new club. Not that I was a big nerd back then–even though I would sit on my porch steps reading the World Book Encyclopedias as the other kids would play down the street. I really felt good when every week we would go out and clean up the School play yard. Thinking about this now, I think the grounds keeper loved us.

Here at, I feel this is one of the greenest places that I have worked for. There are a good majority of people that commute in, we have a good number of sky lights and we try to recycle what we can. At our checkout on our website, you have the option to use a recycled box if you would like, when we ship your order.

I guess my message is to check to see what you can do just to make a little less of a carbon footprint. If it means riding to work once a week or taking the train to see your friend in another state instead of flying or brining your own bags to get your groceries or whatever it may be. Just think about what you do and how you do it.


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Simply put – we love dogs at  Not that we don’t like other animals, but this has always been a dog place.  Pico and Sierra will always be the originals, however I took a quick poll today at work and we have a pretty big list of dogs that we all come home to at night.  In no particular order:

  • 3 Australian Shepherds
  • 1 German Shorthair Pointer
  • 1 Redbone Coonhound
  • 2 Golden Retrievers
  • 1 German Shepherd
  • 1 Chihuahua
  • 2 Labs
  • 1 American Eskimo
  • 2 Mutts
  • 2 Border Terriers
  • 2 Lab Mixes
  • 2 Pit Bull Mixes
  • 2 Miniature Pinschers
  • 2 Pit Bull
  • 1 Great Dane
  • 2 Daschunds
  • 1 Beagle
  • 1 Australian Cattle Dog Mix
  • 2 Dalmations

Makes me wonder – do athletes and dogs make a good pair?  I think so.

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