Methods of Leg Shaving – Part 2 of 2

March 31, 2009 on 10:33 am | In Random Musings | 3 Comments

This is part 2 of my 2 part blog on shaving your legs for cycling/triathlon.  Before I begin I will tell you a little story.  A couple of weeks ago, I was standing next to one of our sponsored athletes, Andy Potts.  I looked down and his legs were hairy; I looked at him and said “Andy, you know how I know you come from a swimming background?”  Of course it was obvious because I asked the question with my head down looking at his legs.  His response “Because I have hairy legs!”  Both Andy and I come from swimming backgrounds and we pretty much don’t shave our legs until we are ready to drop the hammer.

Alright, you are ready to do the deed, but first you need to round up a few essential tools:

  • Hair Clippers – as shown below – or you can use the beard trimmer on your trusty electric shaver.
  • Razor – I have used several different kinds but I am a huge fan of the Schick Silk Effects Plus because it has protectors over the razor blades that help significantly reduce the chances of cutting your legs.
  • Shaving cream/gel – you can use soap, but since I don’t shave that often I splurge and get some leg shaving cream/gel.  Most brands of this cream will help you get in touch with your feminine side because they are made for women – you could use a men’s facial shaving cream if you prefer the manly scents.
  • Shower – you are going to need some running water to make this process go by quickly.

Leg Shaving Tools

Leg Shaving Tools


Here are the directions:

  1. Use the Clippers to remove the bulk amount of hair – the more you remove, the easier the actual shaving will be.  You should do this next to a trash can with a towel below you to catch the shrapnel.
  2. Lather up your legs with the shaving cream to help soften up the stubs of hair that remain.
  3. Use the razor to shave, making sure to rinse the blades every stroke (once you do this initial shave you won’t have to rinse as often).
  4. For this first shave you can expect to spend 25-30 minutes per leg.

It is beneficial to have someone with you who can inspect your freshly shaven legs. I can tell you that there is nothing more annoying than missing one single hair behind your knee and feeling it for a couple hours on your first post-shave ride.  I would be careful how high you actually shave – especially the first time.  If you have quads that rub together, shaving between them is not advised right out of the gate.

Tahhhh Dahhhhh. You have just shaved your legs and now look like a pro on your bike!  Now get out there and train!


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