Speedplay Maintenance and Service

March 12, 2009 on 11:48 am | In Tech Tips | 1 Comment

Speedplay pedals are some of the easiest to use pedals on the market. However they do require some care and maintenance. Below are a few quick tips to help keep your pedals up and running.

Lots of Speedplay options.

Lots of Speedplay options.

  • Always make sure that the three anchoring bolts (cleat base to shoe) have some blue Loctite on the threads and they are firmly snugged down. It is possible for these to come loose and have the cleat wobbling around on your foot. Take the extra time and apply the blue Loctite and avoid this frustration.
  • Make sure the four small screws are securely mounted to the cleat. These can come loose if they are loosely installed, despite the factory applied Loctite. If using Zero’s or Light action pedals, make sure those 4 screws are not tightened so much that they interfere with the actuation of the clip spring in your cleat.
  • Make sure the clip springs of your cleats are clean, free of debris, and well lubricated with a light coat of Triflow or White Lightning.
  • Look at the clip spring of your cleats, are they flat and worn? If so they may need replacing.
  • Look at your pedals. Are the hinges where the clip spring worn? If so they may need replacing.
  • If you spin the pedal, does it spin freely with no resistance? If so they need to be lubricated. Take them to an authorized Speedplay dealer for service.
  • Wear cleat covers when not riding. This will significantly increase the life span of your cleats before having to replace them. Cleat covers also keep your cleats free of debris and save you from doing a face plant while walking in to get your coffee.
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    1. Hi,

      Any experience with the screws falling out/ If so, please contact me either by phone or email.

      Dave@GoldSafety.net 310-292-9285



      Comment by Dave — November 25, 2011 #

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