Methods of Leg Shaving – Part 2 of 2

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This is part 2 of my 2 part blog on shaving your legs for cycling/triathlon.  Before I begin I will tell you a little story.  A couple of weeks ago, I was standing next to one of our sponsored athletes, Andy Potts.  I looked down and his legs were hairy; I looked at him and said “Andy, you know how I know you come from a swimming background?”  Of course it was obvious because I asked the question with my head down looking at his legs.  His response “Because I have hairy legs!”  Both Andy and I come from swimming backgrounds and we pretty much don’t shave our legs until we are ready to drop the hammer.

Alright, you are ready to do the deed, but first you need to round up a few essential tools:

  • Hair Clippers – as shown below – or you can use the beard trimmer on your trusty electric shaver.
  • Razor – I have used several different kinds but I am a huge fan of the Schick Silk Effects Plus because it has protectors over the razor blades that help significantly reduce the chances of cutting your legs.
  • Shaving cream/gel – you can use soap, but since I don’t shave that often I splurge and get some leg shaving cream/gel.  Most brands of this cream will help you get in touch with your feminine side because they are made for women – you could use a men’s facial shaving cream if you prefer the manly scents.
  • Shower – you are going to need some running water to make this process go by quickly.

Leg Shaving Tools

Leg Shaving Tools


Here are the directions:

  1. Use the Clippers to remove the bulk amount of hair – the more you remove, the easier the actual shaving will be.  You should do this next to a trash can with a towel below you to catch the shrapnel.
  2. Lather up your legs with the shaving cream to help soften up the stubs of hair that remain.
  3. Use the razor to shave, making sure to rinse the blades every stroke (once you do this initial shave you won’t have to rinse as often).
  4. For this first shave you can expect to spend 25-30 minutes per leg.

It is beneficial to have someone with you who can inspect your freshly shaven legs. I can tell you that there is nothing more annoying than missing one single hair behind your knee and feeling it for a couple hours on your first post-shave ride.  I would be careful how high you actually shave – especially the first time.  If you have quads that rub together, shaving between them is not advised right out of the gate.

Tahhhh Dahhhhh. You have just shaved your legs and now look like a pro on your bike!  Now get out there and train!

Team and the TriCats Shine at the Tucson Tri!

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The semi-famous (locally) and super-competitive Tucson Triathlon took place this past weekend. For those of you not familiar with this sprint race you can check out the details at Needless to say the first race of the Holualoa Tucson Triathlon Series provides some serious fun, great sportsmanship, and more than a little speed. Two teams in particular made a big splash this year and ‘happens’ to be a major supporter of both.

The first team that impressed everyone in town with a big showing from a small group was the Team These athletes are individually sponsored athletes that make up our Team and not only are they forces to be reckoned with in the Tri World, they are all really great people. 6 of our sponsored athletes, Kara M., Chrissy P., Shannon D., Mike M., Alex W., and Matt G., came out and rocked the competition. Kara, Chrissy, and Alex placed top 3 overall and Shannon, Alex, and Matt won their Age Groups! Congratulations, you guys were awesome.

While it is important that our Sponsored Athletes work hard to perform well in triathlon, that is not the only reason we choose them to represent our company. A big part of our selection process is focused on what they give back to the sport. This race was a prime example of the dedication our athletes show to the tri community. Chris C., who was not able to race due to personal circumstances, spent the day volunteering as the run course coordinator in spite of a recent tragedy in his life. Having Chris out there, always cheering and with a smile on his face, reminded all of us that supporting and caring for the people around you is always more important than a win!

The University of Arizona TriCats also did an amazing job at this race. In the past year and a half I have watched the TriCats grow from a somewhat disorganized bunch of college kids into a team that has built an amazing sense of spirit and camaraderie. Not surprisingly this has translated into fast times out on the course. The TriCats did a wonderful job of spreading enthusiasm at this year’s event and swept many of the younger age group categories. Look for big results from the TriCats at the upcoming Collegiate Nationals! Oh, and they also looked really cool on their Zipp and HED demo wheels!

To view pictures from the Tucson Tri check out the Facebook page.

Finding the Fastest Wetsuit

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Question:  Which wetsuit will make you swim your fastest?

Answer:  The one that works for “you”.

Wetsuit technology has come a long way from the days of the first Quintana Roo.  Neoprene quality, durability, buoyancy and flexibility continue to be improved upon year after year.  Manufacturer’s have added features such as catch panels and water channels all in the name of making you go faster in the water.  But with a vast selection of wetsuits to choose from ( alone carries roughly 30 different suits from which to choose) how do you go about selecting a suit?

One of the sponsored athletes set out on a mission this winter to answer this question.  He wasn’t looking for the fastest wetsuit for everyone – just for himself.  His method was simple and fairly unscientific but well thought out and executed.  You can read his blog on the testing protocol here.  The suits tested included blueseventy, Zoot, QR, Nineteen, Synergy, De Soto, Xterra and Aquaman.  Some of the suits were provided through the manufacturer and some were on loan from  Essentially each suit was tested twice in the pool over a series of swims, timed and compared. 

The results, while unique only to this swimmer, prove that the fastest wetsuit for one person may not be the fastest for the next.  His observations and feedback provide insightful, non-biased opinions of each suit.  Full testing results can be found here.  Essentially what he confirmed is the suit that is going to be fastest for you is the suit that is going to work best with your body type, swim stroke and comfort level.  How do you find this out?  Fortunately if you live in Southern Arizona, you can try on all of our suits in our endless pool.  If you’re not quite that lucky we have a very generous return policy for our wetsuits.  We encourage everyone to try their suit on when it is received and go for a quick swim in it to see how it adjusts and feels in the water.  We also have the most knowledgeable customer service staff around.  Their success in wetsuit fitting over the phone is uncanny.  When it is time to suit up – give us a call.  Or you can try out our handy wetsuit calculator:


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I believe that one of the most underrated training elements in triathlon is rest.  A lot of athletes are afraid of the word rest because it implies you are not doing anything to advance your fitness.  Athletes sometimes forget that when your body is resting, it is actually rebuilding itself to make you stronger.  That concept is needs more attention in our sport.  The word recovery has been a staple of the triathlete vocabulary and even more so with the explosion of recovery-based compression products, but the word rest needs to more visible.

This past week, I rested.  I rested from training, I rested from working, I rested from life.  My favorite term to use when describing how I want to live is balance.  I think balance is extremely important and forces you not to get too focused on one particular aspect in life.  The week off resting allowed me to rebuild both athletically and personally while maintaining that balance.

Make time to rest.  You’ve earned it and your body deserves it.

Shave The Legs – Part 1 of 2

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So, you are a manly man and you have a nice fur base coat on your legs (and most likely your whole body) and you are contemplating shaving them down.  As a man that is new to this sport (cycling and triathlon) you have probably noticed that many of the men around you have no hair on their legs.  No, this is not a genetic mutation; these guys are shaving their legs.  In this two part blog post I will explore the history of shaving and the best methods of said ritual. 

Hairy Legs

Hairy Legs

Leg shaving for sport originated in the swimming world.  Swimmers would (and still do) shave their bodies right before their big swim meets.  This process of shaving down would reduce drag, but more importantly give a significant psychological advantage.  Over the years cyclists (and hence triathletes) became very jealous of the swimmers and decided to take it upon themselves to shave as well.  Ohhhh, but there was a catch.  These athletes would shave all the time, not just a couple days a year.  Why?  Well, there are a few reasons.  Ask any male cyclist/triathlete that shaves and 99% of the time they will tell you “I shave my legs so if/when I wreck on my bike I can heal faster.”  Wow, what a load of crap.  What these guys should really be telling you is “I work my butt off training all the time and my legs are frickin’ ripped and I want everyone to see them…and know that I ride a bike.”  Trust me, I have taken a good number of spills (with and without shaved legs) and I can assure you that the healing time is the same. 

Great set of shaved legs

Great set of shaved legs

Now you are reading this and asking yourself “Okay Mr. Blogger, yes, my legs look great but there certainly needs to be some more reasons.”  My answer to you is YES, there are some more reasons.  I actually never used to give out my reasons for shaving because I didn’t want others to use them, but since you have committed your time to reading this blog, I will share with you my three reasons:

  1. Massage.  If I am training a lot, and my legs are looking good, then I am getting frequent massage.  Hairy legs and massage don’t go together.
  2. Food.  When I am training and racing I tend to spill energy gel, sticky energy drinks, etc. on my legs.  One drop of energy gel in the ‘ol hairy legs is not good.
  3. Triathlon Gods.  If you are doing an Iron distance then you should shave your legs just to appease the Triathlon Gods.  On the flip side, nothing makes other cyclists/triathletes madder than getting beat by a man with hairy legs!

Thankfully you have now read this and are sold on the idea of shaving, and are armed with at least two good reasons why you should shave.  Now you have to actually do the shaving….stay tuned next time for The Methods of Leg Shaving.

Introducing the Dogs!

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Now that you have met many of the employees of I feel that it is time you are introduced to the Dogs! Nothing compliments a laid back and friendly corporate environment better than the office dog, or in our case dogs. So here are the canine faces that you would run into on any given day at our store.

PICO and SIERRA (The Originals)

Pico and Sierra are Debbie and Seton C’s dogs (our owners for those of you new to the blog). They have been with longer than a majority of the employees and love to hang around They have competed in their share of endurance events, including last year’s Doggie Du at BAM. Pico is a veracious eater so if you see everyone’s trash cans on the top of their desk you know Pico is in the house.

SAMSON (The Gentle Giant)

Samson, the Great Dane, is the newest member of the canine family. Sarah L, the Marketing Director, recently made the trek to San Diego to rescue this beautiful 110lb boy. He recently attended his first product training and was on exemplary behavior. Wherever his mom goes, Sam is not far behind. He has enormous ears which I personally take great pleasure in squishing (which Sam patienly tolerates).

SHADOW (The Baby)

A few weeks ago our Warehouse Manager, Bob, found this little girl outside of Turned out to be a good break for the 9 month old puppy that had 3 employees in line to giver her a new home. Mark (and Karen) W, our Bike Manager are the proud new parents. Now, when you walk into the warehouse, Shadow is there, tail wagging and being generally adorable. Shadow enjoys running around the building with Samson and can almost keep up. She also gets a kick out of biting Sam’s legs while Sam tolerates her.

Top 3 Runs in Tucson!

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The location of this article has moved to here:

Speedplay Maintenance and Service

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Speedplay pedals are some of the easiest to use pedals on the market. However they do require some care and maintenance. Below are a few quick tips to help keep your pedals up and running.

Lots of Speedplay options.

Lots of Speedplay options.

  • Always make sure that the three anchoring bolts (cleat base to shoe) have some blue Loctite on the threads and they are firmly snugged down. It is possible for these to come loose and have the cleat wobbling around on your foot. Take the extra time and apply the blue Loctite and avoid this frustration.
  • Make sure the four small screws are securely mounted to the cleat. These can come loose if they are loosely installed, despite the factory applied Loctite. If using Zero’s or Light action pedals, make sure those 4 screws are not tightened so much that they interfere with the actuation of the clip spring in your cleat.
  • Make sure the clip springs of your cleats are clean, free of debris, and well lubricated with a light coat of Triflow or White Lightning.
  • Look at the clip spring of your cleats, are they flat and worn? If so they may need replacing.
  • Look at your pedals. Are the hinges where the clip spring worn? If so they may need replacing.
  • If you spin the pedal, does it spin freely with no resistance? If so they need to be lubricated. Take them to an authorized Speedplay dealer for service.
  • Wear cleat covers when not riding. This will significantly increase the life span of your cleats before having to replace them. Cleat covers also keep your cleats free of debris and save you from doing a face plant while walking in to get your coffee.
  • TRIFEST: Mount Lemmon

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    Just a few of my favorite pictures from this past weekend’s group ride up Mount Lemmon in conjunction with the TRIFEST weekend.  They all remind me why I ride my bike.

    Jimmy Riccitello and the crew ready to start the ride.

    Rolling through town.

    Approaching the base.

    Regrouping at the base.

    Starting the climb.

    A few nice action shots.

    Support vehicle courtesy of

    Views get better as you go up.

    See you all next year – March 5-7, 2010.

    TRIFEST 2009 Recap

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    This weekend was the title sponsor for the second annual TRIFEST! For vendors the weekend started on Thursday afternoon where more than 80 of the industries leading companies and groups gathered at the Tucson Convention Center to prepare their booths for the 3 day expo. Spirits were high as everyone pitched in to get the expo set up for the opening on Friday. Not that it was all work and no play! J



    Friday morning upwards of 300 athletes gathered at the Inn Suites for a ride up Mt. Lemmon. Jimmy Riccitello led the ride and it was attended by triathletes from the newbie level all the way up to many pros and sponsored athletes. 

    Friday the Expo opened and the TTC was flooded with people wanting to get a glimpse at the latest and greatest for 2009. At 5pm hosted an athlete lounge exclusively for our sponsored athletes! Amazingly, even in these tough economic times, we had over 35 athletes make the trip to Tucson to spend time training and getting to know their teammates. Cindy Duby flew in from freezing Michigan and AJ Curtis drove 1200 miles from Montana to join us. Now that is hard core! I was thrilled to finally put faces with emails and phone calls and see those friends that I only get to spend time with at a few races per year. The dinner with Dave Scott began immediately followed the athlete lounge and we strolled down to the dinner to join 300 of our fellow triathletes and hear about some old school Tri adventures.

    Saturday morning started early for many with a 6:30 run with Dave Scott followed by a full day at the conference. Speakers included Andy Potts, Chris Carmichael, Bob Seebohar, Sarah Haskins, and many others. On Saturday night hosted a very special industry VIP party at the store for our vendors, sponsored athletes, and good friends of Seton gave a very thorough tour to our sponsored athletes and then we all sat down in the retail store which had been transformed into a dining room, for some Zivaz (Seton’s favorite restaurant- I think he ate their three times last week J). There was an open bar and the multipurpose room had been turned into a casino for the night! Yes, we do have poker chips because we are just that cool! 

    Seton Giving the Tour

    Seton Giving the Tour

     Sunday morning 200 people joined Chris Carmichael for a ride over Gates Pass! Those of us who were not able to get up that early managed to make it back to the expo and conference for the final day of TRIFEST fun.

    Gates Pass Ride

    Gates Pass Ride

     Special thanks to Seton and Debbie for hosting the sponsored athletes in such style and to all the athletes who attended and made this weekend such a blast! To see all the photos from the weekend please visit the Facebook page.


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