Time to Travel

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  It’s that time of year again… race season, which also means TRAVELING.  As the season starts, everyone begins to make travel arrangements for wherever they need to go, whether if it is a local race or an IRONMAN across the country.  Some may book flights, some may take the highway, which ever way you plan to go please be careful.  Having done close to 4000 miles within the last two weeks ( all driving), I have seen many cars sitting on the side of the road, a few accident clean ups and even had the misfortune of witnessing someone falling asleep behind the wheel and running off the road into a dirt mound.  The highway can be very mentally and physically exhausting and I urge everyone to be careful while you are traveling.     HAVE A GREAT SEASON!!!!


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So I bought some new Speedo Goggles this week and I have to say I am really impressed with the comfort of them. These are the Speedo GCG (Graduated Compression Gasket). These definitely did not give me the pressure lines on my face that my previous goggles did. I like the way they are low profile so they are great for competition too. These goggles also have UV protection and are anti-fog.

Speedo GCG Goggles

Speedo GCG Goggles

Another pair of great goggles are the Speedo Sidewinder Goggles. If you swim with swedish goggles, you should definitely take a swim with these goggles. They have an ultra-low profile, improved peripheral vision, UV protection and everything you would expect from Speedo. These have 5 sets of nose pieces so you can customize the fit.

Of course I also received a new cap this week too. It is a silicone cap so my hair will not get stuck in it. We carry a few of silicon caps that can be found here.

A great swim suit I use is the Speedo Poly Mesh suit. I like to use this suit because it creates more drag for me when I am doing my training. I like to think of it more like resistance training. When I compete, I switch over to something that is more hydrodynamic and hopefully the extra resistance has made me a little stronger in the water.

Speedo Poly Square Swim Suit

Speedo Poly Mesh Square Swim Suit

15 questions… with Chelsea V

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Time to learn more about our employees.  Today is the first post in a series called “15 Questions.”  Every so often, we will feature one of our employees on the blog so that you can get a peek into the lives of the people that make the TriSports.com machine run.

  • Name:  Chelsea V
  • Position at TriSports.com:  Head of Accounting
  • Hire Date:  July 2006
  • State you have lived in for the longest amount of time:  California (northern)
  • State you have lived in, but for the shortest amount of time:  Washington
  • Dream state to live in:  California (coast)
  • Favorite vacation you have been on:  Italy
  • Least favorite vacation you have been on:  Camping in the woods with my family one summer.  I broke my arm doing a cartwheel, my dad’s pickup truck would not start, and then we had to drive 2 hours to the hospital (1 hour of which was on a bumpy dirt road).  Mom, dad and three kids.
  • Dream vacation:  Italian Alps with husband and son
  • Favorite celebrity:  Audrey Hepburn
  • Least favorite celebrity:  Kim Kardashian
  • Who you wish was a celebrity:  My grandma Carlee – she is the wisest, kindest most beautiful woman on the planet.
  • Favorite drink:  Jasmine green tea
  • Biggest pet peeve:  Liars – especially ones that are really bad at it.  EXAMPLE – Boss: Why are you late for work?  Liar: Oh, I just flew in from Switzerland in my helicopter. Yeah, that’s it!
  • Favorite smell:  Lavender
  • Favorite way to relax:  A book and a bath
  • Best concert you have attended:  Bob Dylan and Van Morrison in San Francisco with my Dad
  • Favorite non-triathlon website:  www.arbonne.com

Because Chelsea is a bit camera shy, in place of her profile picture we have decided to post an image of her likeness.

Meet Team Ouch

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It’s one thing to see a picture of a rider on Team Ouch presented by Maxxis – it’s another to see them on video. Here are a couple videos we shot at the team camp in Temecula:
Meet Team Ouch

Get a tour with John Murphy

Good Friends and Fast Racing at the Desert Du

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This past weekend myself and Nick were lucky enough to represent TriSports.com at the annual TriSports.com Desert Classic Duathlon presented by the Phoenix Tri Club! If you have not done this race, seriously think about putting it on your calendar next year. I won’t lie to you, it is not the easiest course to race at this time of the year, but you will know where your fitness stands by the time you finish!

Nick setting up for the Desert Du

Nick setting up for the Desert Du

We arrived on Saturday, after a very precarious drive in a borrowed truck, to help with setup and park the trailer which is used for the awards backdrop. The PTC was super organized and already had the race site mostly set up. McDowell Regional Park is a beautiful location for a race, with hard packed sandy trails winding through surprisingly green desert hills. Since the PTC is super organized and always on top of things, thanks to their great people, we even had time for a quick ride on the course. At 7pm Scott wined and dined us in the usual PTC fashion, read gourmet food in the middle of the desert. John proceeded to discuss the race plan, which he had figured out down to the minute(seriously). The rest of the night was spent merrily enjoying each others company!

Desert Du Pre-race Meeting

Desert Du Pre-race Meeting

Race Morning: Role out of bed around 5am. Since we slept in our fabulous trailer all we had to do was walk outside to be in the center of action. We quickly set up our store and lounge then worked on bikes until the start of the race. Nick actually switched out one man’s broken brake caliper with mine and re-cabled his bike….all before he raced

Early Morning at the Desert Du

Early Morning at the Desert Du

8:15: The pros are off, followed by 9 waves of age groupers. The first run is a 3.5 mile loop through the desert trails, very scenic and very fast! The first pros emerge followed by what seems like a horde of TriCats and TriSports.com sponsored athletes. Brian Grasky and I were watching and cheering near the transition and our cameras couldn’t move fast enough.

TriSports.com Athlete, Sue Meno

TriSports.com Athlete, Sue Meno

Then they were out on the bike through the park and towards Fountain Hills! Luckily, I positioned myself near Scott so up to the minute info. via his radio. This was especially opportune as I had been tasked with the job of tweeting (posting on the Trisports.com Twitter) about the race for all those who couldn’t be with us live.

Scott Perrine, PTC President

Scott Perrine, PTC President

Out of transition 2 Chris Foster and Kim Loeffler had secured significant leads over their competitors. Ultimately, both these individuals would win the pro race. The age groupers came tearing through after the pros with some impressively fast finishes by many of the TriCats and TriSports.com sponsored athletes. Congratulations to Brian Stover and Alex Waters, two TriSports.com sponsored athletes, who qualified for the Duathlon World Championships. What a great weekend spent with wonderful people and fast racing. To see the complete photo album from the Desert Duathlon please visit the TriSports.com Facebook page!

The TriCats Post Race

The TriCats Post Race

Frostbike 2009 – Day 3

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Yesterday was the third and final day of Frostbike 2009.  Matty B. and I took our final opportunity to run in the snow in the park adjacent to the hotel.  Note the snow angel – can’t be all work and no fun!


We wrapped up the trip back at the QBP building attending our last seminars of the weekend.  The seminar on the new Dura Ace 7900 and Di2 was of particular note as this new innovation in electronic shifting is one that will no doubt be of much interest to our most savvy bike customers.  This extremely technical product (thankfully) requires certification of your mechanic to be able to install it.  We also checked out the expo a bit more – it is essentially a smaller version of what is showcased at Interbike and a great opportunity for smaller retailers to talk one-on-one with the vendors who distribute through QBP.  Here’s a shot from the floor:

After a quick lunch (they use the best catering company!) we got the shuttle back to the airport and headed for home. 

Thanks goes out to the great people at QBP for a weekend full of learning and fun.  I can’t speak highly enough about the QBP company and their employees.  We also met a lot of really cool bike shop owners and managers from across the country this weekend.  It is great to know we are in such good company in the industry.

Kickin’ things off…

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And we’re off! My name is Jonathan Chodroff and I will be riding as a first year pro for OUCH presented by MAXXIS (TriSports.com is the official store for the team). I have been living in Tucson for the last couple months. The climate is perfect for training and the cycling community is top-notch. I am living with five other cyclists, and their shenanigans keep things exciting.

Tucson Apartment View

Tucson Apartment View

Team camp just took place a couple weeks ago in Temecula. As a neo-pro, I was full of emotions. Nervous, excited, over-whelmed, awe-struck. However, once I met the guys on the team and management, I knew I had a great support belt under me. The crew is tight-knit and professional. On the riding end, everyone was riding super strong. Being the local, Floyd took us on steepest climbs I had ever seen. Grinding your 39×25 at 40 cadence doing 400-500 watts just to stay upright. Even the photo-shoot was rebranded the “hour of power.” Those are actual faces of grimace. No stage acting necessary. Floyd made sure we had a steady diet of dirt/sand climbs. I ate a lot of dirt that day. A lot… The mechanics loved when we came rolling into the parking lot with our bikes covered in mud. After washing up and digging the dirt out of our ears, we hit the “happening” town of Temecula. Karaoke was the name of the game. The notable act of the night was Floyd’s Kid Rock rendition of “Cowboy.” But, my encore performance of the “Thong Song” severely outclassed him. Now, I have one more nickname to my name “Thong Song.”

Floyd Rockin

Floyd Rockin'

Team guys singing who knows what.....

Team guys singing who knows what.....

Floyd in the candy store

Floyd in the candy store

But, the good times had to end and now I am back in the desert. However, I will be skipping town in a couple weeks before the desert heat takes its toll on me.

Frostbike 2009 – Day 2

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Another fun filled day in frosty Minneapolis! Last night’s snow storm was the area’s second largest of the season. We woke up to our own winter wonderland!
The morning started with a sponsored spin class presented by Saris/CycleOps. A small group got together and sweatted it out before breakfast. We then hopped the vans on over to the QBP facility. There was also a trip to Freecycle – a local bike shop on the west bank of the University of Minnesota campus that has had the help of QBP with their redesign. More seminars were held over at QPB complete with a facility/warehouse tour and expo. Impressively, this 250,000 sq ft building is LEED certified. QBP’s dedication to environmental responsibility shines through in everything they do here – we even ate off spudware tonight!  To give you an idea of the size of their operation, here is part of their shipping area:

Tonight’s festivities concluded with a bonfire and Pugsley race around the frozen QPB grounds through the snow and frozen ponds. Matty B. was the lone TriSports.com participant and represented us well (even if he did cheat!). We’re thawing in the lobby bar looking forward to day 3 and visitng our vendors at the expo tomorrow.  Here we are enjoying the fire while Matty B. was out “racing”:

TriSports.com from an Outsider’s Perspective

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Introducing, my sister: Natalie J.

Hhhookay, so: I’m from Detroit and was sitting in my Scientific Communications course working out the finer points of Primate Evolution when I saw a girl pull out this cool looking waterbottle.  It had a red top and what did I see? ‘TriSports.com’ printed on the side!  I asked her: “TriSports.com! How do you know about TriSports.com?”  She explained she did a triathlon with Team and Training and came to TriSports.com to stock up on supplies. I was so excited I could hardly explain that my sister Maris works at TriSports.com and a few months ago while I was visiting Tucson I got the VIP tour (actually, it was probably just the normal person tour) and totally fell in love with the store.

Here are some of the highlights of the my trip to the store and reasons why you should go too!!

#1. It’s inspirational.  Every time I’m there I want to run, bike and swim more than I ever have before (which is saying a lot because I’ve never really done any of the above).

#2.  The tour of the store is awesome because there’s so much more to TriSports.com than the retail store.  The corporate offices have a great layout, it seems like a really great environment to work and the warehouse is just plain impresive.

#3.  Which brings me to my next point: The warehouse and the warehouse staff is just flat out amazing.  To see all the product they have is  jaw-dropping. I had no idea how many kind of “gels” that existed in the world (and btw, Maris made me try a Chocolate PowerBar Gel and it  wasn’t all that bad) and it seems like TriSports.com has every single one of them in 10 different flavors.  Actually, to be honest…that can be said about just about everything in stock at TriSports.com. It seems like they carry every brand and then every model! Running shoes, goggles…it’s a lot.

#4. The retail staff rocks. If I put a pair of shorts on and want to run around the block, they’ll let me. Also, if I want to try out a wetsuit they’ll let me jump in the pool.  I had some questions about triathlon and Craig, Erik, Evan and Mike took a ton of time to explain things to me (like, what exactly T1 is……).

I left the store with an incredible sense of pride that my sister (and by proxy – me) can be a part of such an amazing company.  I think that’s probably why I was so excited to see a TriSports.com waterbottle while I was sitting in fridged cold Detroit…I am so proud just to have been at the store and be a customer.

Maris and I during my visit to Arizona!

Maris and I during my visit to Arizona!

Frostbike 2009 – Day 1

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Once a year, the bicycle industry converges for a weekend of education and fun hosted by our friends at Quality Bicycle Parts (QBP). This event happens in February – in Minneapolis…hence the name “Frostbike”. Yesterday a crew of us reluctanly left our warm, sunny climate for our icy destination. I threatened not to get off the plane as it was 16 degrees when we landed.
The agenda at Frostbike is to educate retailers on everything from merchandising to management. The event is hosted by QBP – the largest distributor of bicycle parts in North America. Their president and founder, Steve Flagg was recognized as the Forbes CE0 of The Year and their customer service and operations are second to none across the board. In a nutshell, these guys are the best of the best and dedicate this event to help us be the best.
This morning it was 6 (degrees) out and a few brave souls made it out for a run. The rest of the day the invited dealers attended a variety of seminars presented by QBP employees and their consultants. Topics of the sessions our crew attended today included building your store’s brand, large and small chain supply management, new government standards, merchandising your retail store and leadership styles and staff management. Lots of knowledge here!
Tomorrow we’re headed over to the QBP facility for more seminars, expo and the infamous Pugsley race on the lake tomorrow night!

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