Getting into the Season

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At we have a tradition of decorating for the holidays.  Usually we have kept it simple, limiting it to the storefront, a simple tree, etc.  Much to my suprise, walking in the Monday after Thanksgiving, we were all greeted with our own winter wonderland!  Thanks to Susan and her elves who made this happen!


Our winter wonderland!

Of course we catch customer service humming Christmas tunes now and then…..

Is that a crankset on the top of the tree?  What kind of ornaments are those?

Sportlegs, Clif Shots and Powergels of course!

Alas, amid all this holiday cheer, I’m still waiting on my latte`!

Happy Holidays!


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Assumptions stink, but of course I am guilty of making them but have been a victim. We assume the guy on the corner with the cardboard sign in his hands hasn’t done enough to help himself. We assume the kids on the playground feel safe and have a carefree life. We assume because our co-workers or friends laugh each day and function as normal people that life is easy or not filled with problems. I do this all of the time, make assumptions that is. I assume because people are smiling that they are happy, or that because they are in line at the grocery store buying things they have money. Funny, from where and from whom we learn our life lessons from. I learned a really large lesson from a very small person recently, to not to make assumptions. I already knew this, as we all do….but it is good to be reminded. I also learned that very small things that I do can make a huge impact on people around me. So with my renewed lesson, I am trying to remember to not make assumptions and learn a bit more about people around me before making up my mind about them. Just some food for thought….

Turkey Run

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Most towns in the US have a Thanksgiving Day run (Turkey Trot, etc.).  Well, in Tucson we have one as well – and it’s a blast.  It is a two loop course through a park and they put out hay bails to jump over and dig out two water hazards.  The kicker this year is that it absolutely poured rain all morning and the course was a wet mud bath.  There were a few hundred of us out there and we all had a blast…and burned enough calories to justify the massive feast that would follow.  The take home message – step up to the line and have fun!  See you at the races!

Thats me in the red hat - a random picture a friends kid took.

That's me in the red hat - a random picture a friends kid took.

George and Jane

December 1, 2008 on 7:38 pm | In Random Musings | No Comments

On the subject of giving thanks: sponsored athletes George and Jane shared their story with a local news station this past Thanksgiving. A great reminder to appreciate what is precious, wear your helmet, and be careful at intersections.

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