Interview with Tyler L.

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I decided every week I will interview a employee so you can get a feel for the people behind the scenes.  This week we have Tyler L.

How long have you worked with the company? 
     I started in the month of April in the warehouse, so 6 months.
How did you hear about
     My mommy is a sponsored athlete for  She suggested that  I come work for the company because it is a great work environment.  I looked into it, applied and was hired.
What makes different from your other previous jobs? is different because the people I work with are encouraging and friendly.  Since starting with the company I have started to commute on my bike to work and have become more environmentally friendly by recycling more. (And they made me wear a helmet GRRR…..)
What is your athletic background?
     As a teen I swam competitively and competed in state numerous times.  In high school I ran cross country and track.
What are your hobbies?
     I like to build and ride my own motorcycles, as well as play drums, sing and partake in video gaming.  I also am part of our fantasy football league and am tied for first place.
What do you look forward to with
     I look forward to working more with everyone here and doing several races and relays with my co-workers.

Follow up on ‘Take it Easy’

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I read this post written by my good friend Billy and realized no matter how long we have been in this sport and what our goals are, we all have something in common…burnout. So how do you avoid this fate that leaves you asking yourself on a Saturday morning “what excuse can I give to not be at that group ride”. There are a million reasons why you feel like this. Maybe you just lost your job, or got divorced, or realized that you are just not happy with your current life. Whatever; you don’t need an excuse to feel the way you do. But, you do have a responsibility to recognize why you feel that way and make a change for the better.

My first triathlon was Wildflower Olympic Distance in 2007. Man I was out of shape and had no idea that this was a big race. How naive of me….but you know what, I got out there on my newly purchased bike and gave it absolutely everything I had. My friend met me at the finish and said “I thought you were going to collapse 5 meters before the finish line.” My face was red and since I am from Swedish descent when I say red I , mean totally bright red. That’s when it started. I fell in love with this sport and let it consume my life. However, I have not finished a race like that since…hmmmm….Training came first. It was more important to me than almost every relationship I had. Yes, I went fast, but I also fell out of love with the sport…unacceptable!

 So what to do? Like Billy said…go back to your roots. For me that is swimming. I dive into that water, feel it on my skin, and know why I do what I do. Yes, it sounds cliche, but man I love the feel of water and I love to race that person beside me.  For example, the first time my boss, Seton, swam beside me I felt the need to beat every guy in that pool. I’m pretty sure he has viewed me differently since then; for better or worse. Maybe I need to re-evaluate how I train for triathlon but I do know two things. 1. I love to swim. and 2. Watch out, sometimes we all need a break, but I’ll be back!

The purity of running

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Every once in a while you have a run that reminds you of why you are in this crazy sport.  In those moments everything seems worth it.  The soreness in your legs is mute, feels good.  The sweat in your eyes no longer stings.  The sun beating on your back makes you feel even more alive.  You become acute and your senses become even more aware.

Recently it happened on a trail run on Seven Fall’s in sunny Tucson, Arizona.  It’s a beautiful run with a gradual grade up through Bear canyon.  Even in the midst of the summer it can be quite cool and the high canyon walls gives you shade well into the morning.  After crossing the Sabino River a few times you run a few switch backs as you make your way toward the falls.  It’s always a guarantee that the falls are flowing freely and there are many pools of deep, cold water to dive in.

When I arrived at the falls there was not a soul in sight.  You could hear the power of the falls but that was it.  So peaceful. Restful. Nothing hurt, nothing was tired, no worries from the workplace or life crept into my head. I dove in shoes and all into water roughly 60 degrees, took a few strokes, and the continued on my run back home. 

It’s those days and those type of moments that many few people can relate to.  Most people think you are nuts, but you sit back relax and just smile all the while internally thinking…”Man, what a great run.”

Spotlight on the TriCats

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Do you ever stop and remember when you first started triathlon? It wasn’t about the heart rate monitors or power output or aero helmets (seriously, who even knew what those were…they are kinda dorky). Instead, it was about having fun and getting in shape. Come on, these are all the things we loved to do as a kid combined into one sport. This month I have had an opportunity to spend time with our local college triathlon team, the University of Arizona TriCats. Surprisingly, this cool group of people ranging from beginners to Ironman finishers reminded me again why this is all so much fun.
Old School Tricats

Old School Tricats

In 1992 when triathlon was a much less developed sport than it is today- read, old school, a few students at the University of Arizona decided to put together a triathlon club. The next year a young man named Seton Claggett joined this club and continued to pursue his passion for triathlon. Fast-forward to 1998 and Seton had a great idea to start an online triathlon store…he named it Now, in 2008 Seton’s love for triathlon has been transformed into an amazing resource for triathletes around the World. However, never forggeting his roots Seton and have supported and watched with pride as the TriCats grew into a college triathlon team to be reckoned with.

 Last weekend we hosted a TriCats day at What this actually turned out to be was a Triathlon 101 complete with free pizza (what college kid wouldn’t come out for free food). Many employees pitched in to help out despite it being a Sunday afternoon. Sarah talked about running, Evan about biking, me about swimming. Then Billy went through race day preparation, complete with a transition competition and prizes. Marty from Genuine Innovations (another TriCats sponsor) came and taught them how to change a tire as well as giving a bunch of poor college students’ free product. Yes, maybe a few of them were overwhelmed by how complicated this sport can be but more importantly they were so excited to get started. While I know their focus will change over the years as they gain experience I really do hope they always remember that this is ultimately fun.

Speaking of fun, I was out at the TriCats Aquathlon this weekend. They did a great job setting everything up, borrowing our tents and snow fencing, and putting on a successful race. In my opinion this is quite an accomplishment for busy college students that have class and homework and jobs, not to mention training. However, they got about 60 people out there to compete….accompanied by music and lots of cheering. The best part about it is that all the money they raised is going towards subsidizing races for TriCat members. Every person that crossed that finish line had a huge smile on their face and what I thought was going to be a very long day just flew by. So, to all of the TriCats out there….kudos to you and always remember that is here in part because of you, but definitely for you.

Take it easy

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What do you do with yourself when weekly training goes from a focused 25hrs to 15hrs of ticking over? This season I have decided to go back to my roots by dusting off my skates and not worrying about getting injured. By skates I mean rollerblades and by rollerblades I mean the kind you would use to slide down or jump over various obstacles. What would push an admittedly obsessed triathlete to risk a 6-8 week recovery for a broken bone, various ligament damage or worse? Pressure, too much self applied pressure. This season my goals were lofty and I felt ready to make a jump. By late June I was in my fifth month of racing hard and training hard, too hard as it turns out. From the end of June to a key race mid-August I trained hard and kept the pressure on. The result, bad race, loss of motivation, mentally gone, physically beat up and really questioning what in God’s name am I doing this for? Now to the point or the moral of the story. Don’t take yourself too serious and make sure you strike a balance between triathlon and life. Believe me, you’ll have a lot more fun save for a broken bone or two.

Christmas Party 07′

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 This year i am really looking forward to the christmas party because last years was awesome!! We began the night by going to Golf N’ Stuff.  We did many fun things such as race carts, laser tag, and of course losing a bunch of balls to the lake. In lazer tag my team decimated the field, took no prisoners and arose victorious.  My go cart race was the worst ever, I had a hard time starting it and then, when I finally started my car, I was lapped by several members if and I started to cry. Then, playing miniature golf, I must have lost at least 6 of their BALLS!!!!   I even almost made a hole in one but, it bounced off the the hole, flew over a wall and then plunged into a green lake. (It was AWESOME!!!!!) 

 After enjoying the night at Golf N’ Snuff we went to a Japanese resturant named Sakura.  This place is fantastic, we all sat around about 5 tables and had our meals prepared right in front of us.  I ordered the Orange Chicken meal, (I love orange chicken. Do you?) and the chef brought out his cart with all the food on it and gave us a show as he cooked it.  He did spatula acrobatics with the food and toss it into peoples mouths, it was TIGHT Boyeeeee!! 

  We then went outside to relax, listen to the jazz band play, and hear Seton roast everyone. is so great, they gave its employees hand made pens (by Seton himself) and a nice bonus.  We played a joke on Bobby and told the band it was his birthday. They played for him and totally embarressed him.  The best part of the night, for me, was when I was able to play the drums on the jazz band’s drumset. It was a fun drum solo that  I made up on the spot.

 That was a great night and I can’t wait for this year’s.

El Champion…

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Our annual Interbike Polar power smackdown was held this past week and as the defending champion, I had to relinquish my title to a more worthy opponent.  Last year Polar simply tested average watts over a 1-minute period (after a 1-minute warm-up).  This year, however, they tested average watts per kilogram which is definitely a better way to judge the competition.  I knew I would be in for it by throwing the whole weight factor into the mix so my strategy was to simply push as many watts as I could in the first 15 seconds of the test and then just hang on.  I just wanted to hit over 1000 watts just for fun and I think I got my max watts up to around 1200 so I was happy.  If it weren’t for a bit of mid-session celebrating, I may have given Matt a better run for his money.  Congratulations Matt.  You are the new Power Champion.  Here are the results and pics from the smackdown:

  • Lionel – 436/63.0 = 6.92 
  • Mark – 659/94.4 = 6.98 
  • Seton – 553/78.7 = 7.02
  • Sarah – 415/57.4 = 7.22 
  • Billy – 521/68.7 = 7.58
  • Nik – 671/83.9 = 7.99
  • Matt – 649/80.4 = 8.07

Seton getting last minute instructions…


Seton shows his “O” Face…


More Cowbell!  [they actually took the cowbells away from us becuase we were too loud]


Hanging out with the crew…

Here We Go!!!!

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Week 3 has come and gone and our Fantasy Football League has had some pretty wild turns.  We had some great matchups this week; here is the outcome of those matches:

  • I Like Drums VS BadAZZ BadBoys: Drums Dominated 109-51
  • Pretty Good Beat Down VS RYB BJB: BJB arose victorious 84-77
  • Team Leveque VS V for Vasquez: TIED??? 107-107 (AMAZING)
  • Team Pearson VS He-Man Woman Haters: Haters K.O’d Pearson 103-90
  • You Just Got Beat By A Girl VS Optimus Trade Down: Trade Survived BY A Hair 96-94

This was a wild week indeed, I mean we had a tie – that almost never happens.  I will continue to post results every week.  Till then….That is All


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Back in 2005 a man by the name of Jon Blais came to Tucson to educate the triathletes in our community about ALS.  He talked in detail how his body was deteriorating and that he would soon die.  This is a crazy idea.  I mean the guy just did Kona – and rolled across the finish line.  Jon came to our shop and we made the decision to help his War on ALS by fronting the cost on the Blazeman team gear.  At the time this was a rather large financial commitment on our behalf and the deal was that once we recouped our cost that the rest of the money would be donated to help fight the War on ALS. 

Jon passed away, just as he said he would, back in May of 2007 (I even remember where I was when I heard the news).  At Kona last year there were a couple warriors there that rolled across the finish line as a salute to Jon and his fight.  I have to say that he did a good job.  He used the last part of his life to show all of us that would listen that this is a serious disease and there is no cure.
Fast forward 3 years or so and we still have some of the clothing left.  I have contacted the people I knew that were involved with the cause but they have all moved on.  I have contacted Jon’s father to see if he can find some Warriors that are still out there that could wear the clothing with pride. 

 I will never forget Jon Blais and the contributions he made to the sport and to the fight against ALS.

Big World, Small Community

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We are in the middle of a Triathlon boom….as this sport explodes in countries across the World it is nice to take a moment to reflect on what is actually a very unique and small community. Case in point, today I have spoken on the phone to triathletes in New York City; Seoul, North Korea; and Johannesburg, South Africa and it is only 11:30am here in Tucson, AZ. Although I can’t tell you what color hair these individuals have or how they take their coffee, on a different level I know them very well. I know that they probably got up very early to squeeze in a ride before work, that their guilty pleasure is sneaking a peek at Slowtwitch on company time (or the blog :)), and that sometimes they struggle to balance family, work, and their passion for triathlon. Yes, in many ways I have more in common with these triathletes that live half way across the World than I do my own neighbor.

Reflecting on this, I realize once again why I love my job. As the Sponsorship Coordinator here at many of my triathlete friends are people who I have never met face to face, but whose hopes and challenges reflect my own and many others in our community. Team consists of 81 athletes from across the country and world. They are my triathlon community and I eagerly follow their race results and lives. With coffee in hand, I sit down in front of my computer here at to begin my morning with Liz’s quirky and hilarious blog. After that I check Nicole’s latest race report and email Gail to see how she is recovering from recent surgery. Finally I look at race pictures from Julie, whose son just did his first triathlon, and Brian, whose coaching business is flying as high as the F-16s he pilots for the Air National Guard.



Sponsorship for is about more than supporting triathletes in winning races, it is about supporting the triathlon lifestyle that we all share. We believe that the sport of Triathlon is more than a goal to be achieved, but instead it is a process to be enjoyed. The friends you meet through Triathlon are friends for life, whether they are sitting at a desk next to you or riding their bikes thousands of miles away!

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